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Tarizon: Conquest Earth
Tarizon Trilogy Vol 3

William Manchee

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Top Publications Ltd

Published : 2010

Copyright : William Manchee 2010

ISBN-10 : HB 1-929976-65-8
ISBN-13 : HB 978-1-929976-65-2

Publisher's Write-Up

Videl Lai is dead and Tarizon's cataclysmic civil war is over, or so most people think, until Tarizon's Intergalactic Fleet refuses to surrender. Then Videl Lai's adopted son, Evohn Cystrom, masterminds the escape of Rupra Bruda, recognized to be the father of the Purist movement. As the Fleet defiantly leaves it's moon base on Clarion, Cystrom informs Chancellor Lorin Boskie that they intend to travel to Earth, conquer it, and someday come back and destroy Tarizon. The Chancellor, at great personal political risk, puts together a rag-tag armada of Earth Shuttles to try to beat the Purists to Earth and warn the American government of the impending invasion. The odds of the Loyalist armada reaching earth before the Purists, or even surviving the trip against the powerful Purist fleet, are long but Commander General, Leek Lanzia, is determined to save Earth and destroy the Purists once and for all.

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Review by Molly Martin (310710) Rating (9/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Rating 9/10
William Manchee’s Tarizon: Conquest Earth Vol 3 is the final work of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy trilogy begun on the pages of Tarizon: The Liberator.

Conquest Earth opens with Leek Lanzia spending a few days of well deserved R and R with his wife and child. The battle to free Tarizon from tyrannical dictator Videl Lai has ended with Lai’s death; it is time for Leek to take a little time for himself.

That respite will not last long.

On the pages of Manchee’s Cactus Island; we first became aware that Manchee’s writing was going to turn in another direction away from his successful Mystery series featuring Stan Turner and his family. Stan and Rebekah Turner’s teenage son Peter was kidnapped and carried away from Earth to Tarizon where the inhabitants there believed an ancient proclamation telling that a Liberator would come to free them from a powerful dictator who was becoming more powerful and more tyrannical.

Peter’s arrival to Tarizon aboard Earth Shuttle 21 led the reader into an amazing tale involving war, the CIA, an amazing repopulation program and intrigue, danger and conspiracy. It does not take long before Peter is made aware that HE is the liberator to lead the people of Tarizon to freedom against Videl Lai and his tyrant rule.

Captain Leek Lanzia as Peter is known on Tarizon; leads the 3rd Loyalist Army in battle against Videl Lai. With the death of Lai his adopted son Evohn Cystrom vows to continue his father’s fight.

The war to liberate Tarizon has left the rightful government in precarious situation having little few armaments to defend themselves against Cystrom and his thugs. Evohn is determined to not only carry out his father’s directive to attack Earth, but to retake the power held by his father for himself.

Decision to take one of the last usable Earth Shuttles to Earth in an attempt to warn the people of Earth that the impending invasion can be expected is accepted by Captain Lanzia. If they can somehow how slip away from Tarizon without Evohn realizing what they are doing will give the small band more chance for success.

Tarizon once again becomes a scene of battle, chicanery and dedication. On board the Earth Shuttle Peter/Leek is accompanied by his wife and child. Lucinda’s reasoning is simple, if Leek should die; she will be by is side.

On Earth, Stan Turner is surprised to receive word from the CIA that something is afoot. Before long Peter/Leek is reunited briefly with his family. Evohn and his minions try without success to thwart Lanzia and his mission. Earth’s citizenry becomes aware that space invasion has been averted, although with the CIA involved, the full picture is not revealed.
Lucinda and baby Tokin are welcomed by Stan and Rebekah. The visit is brief, Peter/Captain Lanzia must return to Tarizon.

Manchee continues to present highly readable, well written manuscripts peopled with characters who are thought-provoking, appealing and convincing. Manchee’s turn from Earth and his human Stan Turner main character to the people of Tarizon has been skilled using originality and imagination to create a plausible group of characters, state of affairs and story line.

Dialog, as always, is fitting, filled with strength and not motivated with profanity or reference to capricious sexual innuendo designed only to titillate but add little to the storyline.

Manchee’s story line entwining embraces artifice, ploy as well as a wealth of chicanery all depicted via nicely presented prose. Writer Manchee’s situations are scrupulous in detail conveying the reader into the action. Reader interest is captured during those first lines presented on page one of Tarizon: Conquest Earth and is held tight right down to the last paragraphs.

I have enjoyed Manchee’s writing from the day I received my first Stan Turner Mystery to review. Author Manchee’s leading actors continue gallant, even as his rogues continue to be blatantly wicked. Manchee’s skill as an author continues to advance, improve and fascinate. As Manchee has shown admirable propensity for setting down convincing mysteries, he is proving as proficient for crafting his fantasy/sci fi offerings also.

I find the Trilogy to be a stirring series, and Tarizon: Conquest Earth to be an stimulating read. Watch for red herrings and a surprise ending. Happy to recommend.
Molly Martin (31st July 2010)

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