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Tamela Quijas

Tamela Quijas grew up in Europe, in a country filled with superstition and beliefs of the old and where the tales meant to frighten children all hold a semblance of truth. Her stories hold that essence, where the darkness of life borders on the edge of sunset and where the dead savour or regret those long and lonely hours until the sun rises on the horizon. Where every soul has a chance at redemption...

Just a note: Tamela does also write 'normal' romances and the occasional South-Western inspired cookbook.

Currently, Tamela lives in the Texas with her husband and combined family of seven children and two grandchildren.

Tamela’s books are all available from in paperback and Kindle/Kindle for PC Versions.

Books by author Links
Blood Moon (2010)
My Lord Raven (2009)
Blood of the Beast (2009)
Angel's Fire, Demon's Blood (2009)

Moonlight Deception (2011)
My Lord Raven (The Ravensmoor Saga) (2011)
Blood of the Beast (The Blood Chronicles) (2010)

I Can't Cook Because I'm a White Girl (2007)
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