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JessicaI first got into writing at the age of fourteen, where I spent my free time writing short stories. One day I thought to myself, why not try my hand at writing a novel? And from that day onwards, I found myself permanently glued to my computer screen, my fingers flying over the keyboard. After five months I'd written Friday's Child, a short and poignant novel about a young teenage girl and her struggle beginning a new school. Then, some years later, I decided to write another novel and produced a moving tale of a women's torment when she finds out her boyfriend is a drug addict and thief.

During this time I also managed to get accepted for book reviewing for a local newspaper and then a national magazine. I've won two national poetry prizes, had many of my letters featured in a popular writing magazine and had a couple of articles published in Down Your Way, a regional magazine. The rest, as they say, is history.

I love reading and writing (as you can tell) and enjoy all types of genres, but my favourites are horror, humour and poetry. I adore buying shoes and am building up quite a collection. I cannot exist without my daily fix of chocolate. My biggest phobia is spiders! I enjoy walking in the lovely Yorkshire countryside and I'm waiting for my boy friend to take me to the Lake District.

I currently live in West Yorkshire and apart from my reading and writing, I love nothing better than to play the latest Tomb Raider games on my trusty playstation.

Don't even ask about the photo - I was having a bad hair day!

You can contact Jessica with any comments at editors(at)

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