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Blood Lust 4: Being Supreme

Rhys A. Wilcox

Average Review Rating Average Rating8/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : RAW!

Published : 2014

Copyright : Rhys Alun Wilcox 2014

ISBN-10 : PB 0-9561559-2-8
ISBN-13 : PB 978-0-9561559-2-4

Publisher's Write-Up

It has always been Danny Knight's dream to gain enhanced abilities and be a part of a society or league for justice, standing for nobility, honour and decency. So when the chance arises, his first altruistic act is to introduce his best friend (a covert vampire) to the team.

Coincidentally (or conveniently), someone starts killing the heroes. As each superb man or wonderful woman becomes an ex-man or insensible woman, the danger heightens inversely proportional to the number of remaining suspects.

Amidst conventional heroic duties, origin stories and tight fitting costumes come subverting brutal violence, bad language and awkward sexual encounters.

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Review by Nigel (030115) Rating (8/10)

Review by Nigel
Rating 8/10
Warning - If you don’t know by now these books are not really suitable for younger readers.

Blood Lust 4: Being Supreme is about Superheroes but presumably to avoid unnecessary legal ramifications the heroes of the piece are called Supremes.

While Being Supreme is the next in the Blood Lust series the story actually overlaps with the previous book timeline wise. In Blood Lust 3 we were given a tantalising glimpse of a clandestine team called the GAS who travelled in a battered VW campervan. Being Supreme reveals the identity of this team and its members and follows new recruits Cameron and Danny as they try to integrate while steadfastly not avoiding the Superhero clichés.

The events in Blood Lust 4 start at roughly the same time as those told in Blood Lust 3. Danny and Cassandra return home to Danny’s parents in Brighton to take a well-earned rest. While out ‘not’ shopping for comics (the bargaining between Danny and Cassandra around this point is a classic for any collector ‘couple’ out there) Brighton is attacked by a huge scaly monster and much mayhem and destruction follows. To the rescue comes the GAS (Genetically Altered Squad) and with the help of Danny the beast is overcome. At this point Danny realises he is dealing with actual real live Superheroes (or Supremes) and talks his way into becoming a member of the team. No sooner is he accepted as a novice supreme than they receive a distress call from Gillian and a request to get to Portsmouth as quickly as possible, at which time the events of Blood Lust 3 take place.

Once concluded Cameron is also persuaded to join GAS and the pair are given their first assignment, to apprehend one unpleasant psychopath called Clown Face… you see where this is going? From this point onwards the Supremes start to be murdered one by one by an unknown assailant. As GAS try to unravel who is perpetuating the murders we are given the back stories to each Supreme.

Once again Rhys Wilcox has written a clever, funny and gruesome take on an age old favourite using his established Blood Lust core characters. Nothing in the ‘Supreme’ Universe is sacrosanct as we are treated to endless puns, double entendre and cliché busting mockery. The back stories for each member of GAS are fantastic although a little more violent than most with the gruesomeness level turned up to 11.

Excellent fun deserving of more success with its target audience (who that is we are not entirely sure but you wouldn’t want to meet many on a dark night).
Nigel (3rd January 2015)

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