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Seriously Dark and Disturbed

Nora Weston

Average Review Rating Average Rating 7/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher :

Published : 2002

Copyright : Nora Weston 2002

ISBN-10 : PB 1-58939-334-1
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-58939-334-9

Publisher's Write-Up

Are your dreams dissipating on the edge of boredom? Does your brain hunger for some delicious, nightscape nibblers? Look no further…fall into Seriously Dark And Disturbed.

Tales from the dark nightscape of Nora Weston are delivered to you with stories and poetry that are tainted with a spicy dash of horror, science fiction, or fantasy.

“Drakken: Dark Knight of Death Realm,” will propel you to the lost lands of Argoannia where chaos and sin run amuck. “Touched by a Devil,” is a juicy story that oozes with sensual heat as Billy Emerson is confronted by a succulent demon from his dreams.

Seriously Dark and Disturbed, also contains poetry and flash fiction that lets you dive deep into your own spirit to explore the fine line between the dark and the light.

“Hookerman’s Hill,” a poem, takes you on a journey with some mischief gone awry, that ends up over an eternal, bleak portal. “Hushed Delirium,” another poem, centres around the torment that can exist between dreams and reality.

“Skinless,” a flash fiction piece, introduces you to a cheating lover and the cold, hard evidence that eventually seals his fate. “Midnight to Morning Madness,” also a flash fiction piece and filled with blood thirsty cravings will give new meaning to the phrase, “fast food.”

Enjoy your frightful journey into the lands and imagery of, Seriously Dark and Disturbed.

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Review by Chrissi (260104) Rating (7/10)

Review by Chrissi
Rating 7/10
This is a collection of short stories and poems concerning such musings as medieval knights, witchcraft and a drowned child who seeks retaliation from beyond the grave. Nora writes using a great deal of description and expression, giving rise to very vivid imagery. The stories and poems are short, making them accessible and easy to dip into and out of.

The opening story is the longest, Drakken – Knight of the Death Realm. Reminiscent of the film with Helen Mirren as Morgana, this is a dark look at the medieval legends. Drakken was bewitched by Valneia to become her consort but he sees his mother suffering terribly in a vision and realises that wishes to return to her side. Drakken knows that Valneia is a sorceress and that his mother also practices witchcraft but both women manipulate him.

The world of Nora Weston is a strange mishmash of alternate times and cultures, from a succubus to a man being revived with defibrillation – she certainly wanders a wide range of images, drawing from modern horror to the rather more way out gothic, the stories more than living up to the title of seriously dark and disturbed.
Chrissi (26th January 2004)

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