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Touch the Face of God

Robert Vaughan

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Thomas Nelson Publishers

Published : 2002

Copyright : Robert Vaughan 2002

ISBN-10 : PB 0-7852-6627-5
ISBN-13 : PB 978-0-7852-6627-3

Publisher's Write-Up

This inspirational novel explores the drama, sweep, and grandeur of World War II - those who fought it overseas and those who lived through it on the home front - and a time when faith in God was our national security.

It has been called "The Last Good War" and those who fought it have been called "The Greatest Generation." They lived every day as if it were their last - loving, laughing, and trusting that God held their future.

In this moving novel, Lt. Mark White, a B-17 bomber pilot, meets Emily Hagan only weeks before he ships out to England. They fall in love through letters as each faces the war on separate sides of the Atlantic, but will the war and a misunderstanding tear them apart forever? Lt. Lee Arlington Grant has disappointed his military family by becoming a chaplain instead of a warrior. He hopes his service in the war will heal his rift with his father while he shares Christ with his fellow soldiers-especially Tom Canby. Their lives and the lives of the men and women who fight at their side are interwoven with danger, romance, tragedy, and ultimately hope as the war and their roles in it draw to a close.

This powerful story is about a man's love for a woman, the soldiers' love for their country, and the love of God for each of His children. Written by a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, Touch The Face of God brings to life a time and a place that is quickly being forgotten.

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Reader Reviews

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Review by Denise M. Clark (011102) Rating (9/10)

Review by Denise M. Clark
Rating 9/10
Touch the Face of God takes the reader on a journey through two years of the air war against Germany during World War Two. Focusing mainly on the 605th Heavy Bombardment Group, a handful of bomber pilots are introduced; their hopes and fears as well as those of their loved ones, and the toll such trying times takes on their strength and faith.

Mark White, a top-notch theologian who nevertheless finds it difficult to rely on God is the main lead, accompanied by his close friend, Army Chaplain Lee Grant. Grant, one of a long line of military men, not only tries to minister to the needs of the bomber pilots, but must also endure consistent criticism from his commanding officer and father for his decision to become a chaplain instead of a combat soldier. Mark's sister, Susan, elopes with her Army boyfriend just before he's sent into combat in Italy, while Mark's girlfriend, Emily, is chosen to represent 'Rosie Riveter's' in a travelling USO show. Each character is in some way related to the next, down to and including the character of a young Tuskegee airman who ultimately saves Mark's life, expertly interweaving points of view and developing cultural and religious differences between the large cast of characters.

Each well-developed character in this emotional novel is brought to life under Vaughan's skilled pen, exploring the everyday fears of not only combat soldiers, but also those that are left behind to wait and worry. A fast moving plot that carefully balances action, dialog and narrative Touch the Face of God offers a gut-wrenching and emotional read while at the same time offering a detailed though 'painless' history lesson.

This riveting novel provides a great read for a wide range audience, spanning young adult to adult, and while geared toward the Christian market will also appeal to readers beyond its market base. Author of dozens of works, Vaughan is not only a military veteran whose experience and research shine through the words of his prose, but he was also nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his Valkyrie Mandate. Vaughan's ability to create a highly emotional, action-filled account of one of the country's most trying endeavors with such personal perspective and undeniable impact makes Touch the Face of God a must read.
Denise M. Clark (1st November 2002)

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