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Sagitarius: the Fall of the Centaur

Philip Vago

Average Review Rating Average Rating 7/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : CreateSpace

Published : 2012

Copyright : Philip Vago 2012

ISBN-10 : PB 1-4810-3667-X
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-4810-3667-2

Publisher's Write-Up

The Centaur after allowing Mankind to immigrate into their homeland are suddenly thrust into a Civil War with them. Latenia, a neighbouring country, has more sinister designs than helping their brothers eradicate the Centaur once and for all. Their country is lead by Nagstad, a King bent on accumulating power no matter the cost. His ruthless assistant Cable is bent on weeding out every single Centaur in Ulusia.

Sagitarius leads a ragtag team of "fugitives" (in their home land) through Ulusia with the goal to survive the genocide that is taking place. He is joined by Silvae an orphan soldier girl; Callou, a scout centaur with the magical ability of Detect Evil; Arianna, a centaur'n (half centaur, half unicorn) the lone female leader of an isolated town (Mandrasata) swept up in the conflict; Gava, the dark skinned amazonian female Centaur; and Domi, the cleric yearning for companionship. Their adventure takes them throughout the country of Ulusia. Can they stop their race from becoming extinct?

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Review by Jacob Akaron (310513) Rating (7/10)

Review by Jacob Akaron
Rating 7/10
Sagitarius is a very long book (over 1000 pages) and could easily have been broken into three parts.

The story looks at the Centaur race which has entered a civil war with Man (whom had immigrated into their country, Ulusia). Sagitarius' role as a survivor and caretaker for his division of soldiers takes on a broader role as he tries to rally the factions of Centaurs throughout Ulusia to fight the enemy (Latenans) and survive the genocide sweeping them up. He starts as a bungling, weak leader into a strong leader backed by the faith of his people.

There are several other stories flowing through the main story of Sagitarius. These include developments in the capital (ground zero of the civil war), Ulus; Nookim, the last free stronghold; Halas - a Centaur who works for Man (nothing new about people betraying their own during wartime); Michelle - a harlot who was abused - she trains to become an assassin to kill her abusor; John and Lucy as they experience life in neighbouring Narvia (who has abdicated slavery of centaurs); Loff and their attempt to escape to the Ulusian Isles and finally Brood (a lich) and Callou (a cross between a pegasus and centaur = pegasaur).

It is important to note that each story impacts on the other. It reads like an episode of 24, non-stop action and intrigue until Philip pauses for a bit of philosophy.

There is a lot of world building going on. He developed his own creatures among the typical ones and there is a lot of magic and lore.

He tackled a difficult issue, making an alien race personable - Centaurs. People feel familiar with humanoid forms - elves, humans and the like, but a centaur is difficult to build feeling towards.

I think Salvatore and Gemmell are more straightforward seasoned authors and easier to read, but if you like these authors then you will like Vago.
Jacob Akaron (31st May 2013)

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