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The Chimes of Yawrana
The Snowtear Wars - Book 1

Scot R Stone

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Behler Publications

Published : 2007

Copyright : Scot R Stone 2007

ISBN-10 : PB 1-933016-42-6
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-933016-42-9

Publisher's Write-Up

In distant lands, beyond the great and misty Sarapin Sea, lies the fertile kingdom of Yawrana. A significant prophecy is about to unfold with the arrival of a small group of Zonack voyagers aboard the gallant flying ship The Star Gazer. The Elders, visionaries, and prophets of Yawrana, warn of downfall and destruction as the two civilizations meet.

Oreus Blake, one of eight members aboard the ship, discovers he is the key to the prophecy's outcome. Within days of their arrival, a deadly illness befalls several members of the Yawranan Royal Court. All parties present fall under suspicion, including the voyagers themselves.

The only known cure lies within the limitless healing powers of an ancient flower referred to as the snowtear. Having no other choice, Oreus must gain the trust of the Yawranans as they embark on a quest to retrieve the protected snowtears through many inherent dangers, including a mythic race of warriors known as the Lazuls.

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Review by Molly Martin (140908) Rating (8/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Rating 8/10
A sequence of maps over and above a prologue offer the reader a bit of setting and understanding for what is to come. The Chimes of Yawrana: The Snowtear Wars is writer Stone's Book 1 in his fantasy series, and what a series it will prove to be.

Without overburdening the reader, The Snowtear Wars as the first in the series sets the scene for the works to follow: The book contains an introduction of characters, other inhabitants and world structuring in addition to the basic quest storyline.

Oreus Blake was now in his 19th autumn, and, as time would prove it was going to be one that would always stand out in is memory. Visitors to the Western Slope, a towering pillar, a battle to determine a sentence, protection by Rydor - champion of Baron Tauron Milet; The Snowtear Wars begins with a rapid succession of events, and the pace never stops right down to the last chapter - A Prophecy Fulfilled- where we find Oreus honoured with a title: Baron.

Oreus, denizen from a distant land, is one of a small group of travellers entering the mystic realm of Yawrana as the book opens. Oreus and his seven companions are voyagers aboard the flying ship The Star Gazer. Soon after their appearance in Yawrana, a lethal sickness ensues among a number of the Yawranan Royal Court. Suspicion is rampant, and no one is spared its gaze.

The reader follows Oreus and his travels as a foretelling involving one of the travellers is slowly revealed. If the Yawrana people are to save their dying queen and insure their own continuation; the empire will face the Lazul, a ferocious race of people who were alleged to be only a legend. The only known cure for her infirmity will be found contained in the inexhaustible medicinal powers of an ancient flower known as the Snowtear.

Oreus must attain the confidence of the Yawranan people as they begin the quest to take back the cosseted snowtears. There will be peril and hazard facing them before the quest is finished. Before the conclusion the sovereign of Yawrana will be murdered. Doubts form and all parties present will fall under suspicion, including the voyagers themselves.

A noteworthy divination is to be revealed in Yawrana: The Elders, seers of the land, warn of ruin and devastation as the two civilizations meet. Oreus is a bit surprised to learn HE is the key to the prophecy's conclusion.

Writer Stone has crafted a persuasive, captivating study sure to please readers of fantasy. Backdrops filled with element and detail draw the reader into the setting. Sequera trees, underground beings, the Shonitaurs, with eyes that change colour depending on their moods, massive fire-breathing draguls, are only a portion of the imaginative flora and fauna found in the work.

The story plot itself is absorbing. It is an entwining of numerous plotlines woven together to create an appealing chronicle. In one instance is an assembly of stalwarts will who set out to locate the mythic Snowtear. Another line hinges upon the imminent combat between humans and the Lazul.

Sub-plots are inserted to add to reader interest. There is a conspiring to overthrow the royal family, the course of action for carrying out the stratagem, as well as determining why it is happening and who is responsible; figure heavily in the manoeuvre. The Voyagers arriving to Yawrana from across the sea must learn what the driving force behind their trip really is.

Writer Stone has created a spell binding tale filled with stratagem, mission, death, battle scenes, treachery, mistrust betrayal, voracity and courage as well as a nineteen year old man who arrives to fulfil a 4,000-year-old prophecy. Writing is well crafted, characters are believable to the genre, settings draw the reader into the action and the quest is compelling.

Fascinating read, sure to please the target audience, happy to recommend.
Molly Martin (14th September 2008)

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