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White Tiger

Vijaya Schartz

Average Review Rating Average Rating 7/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Createspace

Published : 2012

Copyright : Triskelion Publishing 2004

ISBN-10 : PB 1-4699-27438
ISBN-13 : PB 978-14699-2743-5

Publisher's Write-Up

On a winter planet, where civilization began again from the survivors of a crash landing, the human race thrives in a medieval stage of development, while an advanced galactic race, worshiped as gods in the temple, dictates the rules.

Tora, human warrior, learned to fight with tigers in childhood. That's how she earned her nickname, White Tiger. She wields a valiant blade as an officer in the cavalry. When her father is murdered, Tora vows to avenge the old man's death. But the Zerkers, barbarians of the fringe, invade the plains and Tora leads the fight. In the vortex of war, treason and intrigue, through blizzards, bloody battles, rebellions and ambushes, will Tora hold her father's murderer at the point of her sword?

Dragomir, handsome Mutant and spy for his alien Fathers, knows the war is not what it seems and the humans are pawns in a dangerous alien game. Something about the fierce woman warrior on her white horse fascinates him. Their encounter is anything but fortuitous, and he suspects the secret of her birth.

Torn between loyalty and the undeniable passion they feel for each other, Tora and Dragomir will both face death if discovered. They thirst for justice, but can they survive the betrayals and persecutions? Can they save their beloved planet from certain destruction? Will they discover their destiny and can they accept their own truth?

Falling in love with the enemy never proved more deadly...

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Review by Jessica (170707) Rating (7/10)

Review by Jessica
Rating 7/10
Vijaya Schartz has written most of her novels from first hand experience. Her numerous other triumphs include co-writing science fiction screenplays for television, being the current president of the Arizona Authors Association and also the talk-show host of Authors' Secrets Radio. Vijaya now lives in Arizona with her husband and her Siamese cat, Geisha. Vijaya, who was born and raised in France, travelled to many counties living life to the full and experienced more exciting achievements than many people . From becoming an Aikido black belt to bungee jumping.

White Tiger is one of many science fiction/romance novels written by this author. In this book Tora, a female warrior, gained the name ‘White Tiger’ after she learnt to fight with these beasts during her childhood. When Tora’s much-loved father Tomaso, dies after a fight with a black panther named Beauty, Tora is grief ridden and shocked. Tomaso also tells her a secret as he takes his last breath. He tells his daughter who he raised ever since her mother died during childbirth, that she is not his biological daughter. Tora is full of sorrow and kisses her father farewell, vowing to avenge his death.

Suddenly her city is under threat by new enemies and Tora is thrown into the battle, wielding sword and shield. Tora also befriends Beauty, the panther and slowly she learns to forgive the beast, for it was only following commands from it’s master. Then when poor Beauty is struck down and killed by a fighter, rage and anger makes Tora surge forwards.
Dragomir, an extremely handsome spy Mutant belonging to the Gods, descends upon Tora. He is an enemy but also her lover, destined to fight for what he believes. Together they enrol on an epic journey as their love and trust in each other gradually grows but only to be tested again and again.

Vijaya manages to create colourful characters in a believable fantasy world. Although rather complex White Tiger is a good read with plenty of action, battles and romance. A book that should thrill you to the very last page.
Jessica (17th July 2007)

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