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Smart Vaccine

R. D. Sadok

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 

Published : 2017

Copyright : R. D. Sadok 2017

ISBN-10 : PB 1-5450-5696-X
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-5450-5696-7

Publisher's Write-Up

Will a powerful drug created to heal be twisted for evil purposes?

Jon Randall, a molecular biologist, has been highly honoured by his employer for developing the experimental drug, SV-136, that has proven effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Charles Lanier, an envious co-worker, reasons that if the drug works so well with Alzheimer’s patients, perhaps it will also give him the boost in intelligence he needs to better compete with his rival. Going against his training, ethics and conscience, he self-injects.

The intelligence-high Lanier experiences is far beyond his wildest dreams, but leads to consequences exceeding his worst nightmares, putting his and Randall’s life in grave danger. Will faith in and obedience to the Lord be enough to defeat the threat of a new evil being unleashed upon the world that would surpass meth and cocaine?

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Review by Molly Martin (310119) Rating (8/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Book Source: Not Known
Rating 8/10

R.D. Sadok’s Smart Vaccine commences as Charles Lanier, Pharmaceutical researcher considers a vial of ‘wonder drug.’ It is not a drug he has been working on, rather, SV-136 is the apogee of the work carried out by Lanier’s fellow researcher.

Charles galled as accolade and prestige were lauded upon Jon Randall, and, disregarding any possible danger in using some of the SV-136 upon himself prior to the trials, Charles Lanier now sent the powerful substance into his own vein thus setting into motion a series of outcomes he had never contemplated.

Sadok’s gripping narration carries the reader along on a wild ride occupied with anticipation, and desperation, enviousness, misrepresentation, kidnapping, and spirited writing in this tale filled with provocative premise, newsworthy well-fleshed characters, dialogue that is gritty at times, situations troubled with peril and elaborate setting fashioned to pull the reader interest into the story and hold it fast from opening lines to last paragraphs.

Jon Randall is pleased that his SV-136 seemed to have worked a genuine miracle and returned a cherished family member to those he loved but had forgotten.

Charles Lanier’s envy drives him to take some of the valuable medicine, distort video tapes to move blame from himself to another, and join a mobster in an attempt to pitch the drug for more money than he had ever thought he might have to enjoy.

The narrative moves speedily from Jon and his bride-to-be Rachel revelling in the success of SV-136 and the dandy initial results plus the expectation it would bring for those suffering from Alzheimer disease to Charles; and the choleric filled circumstances he finds himself embroiled in after his trying out the therapy meant to regenerate brain function for Alzheimer patients upon himself to test the idea that a non-impaired brain might be made even more powerful and perhaps more intelligent.

Charles is certain he has covered his tracks well, strikes a deal with a man he believes to represent a competitor Pharmaceutical company, soon learns that he has gotten himself caught up in something far more dangerous than he had ever thought possible. He makes good an escape, discovers himself far from his home in California, is on the East Coast with no money, is cold and hungry before turning to a homeless shelter where he finds refuge, comfort and a closeness with God that he has never known before.

I found Smart Vaccine to be a well penned work in which a tangled narration occupied with compelling motivations, displays Sadok’s deftness for presenting the human situation coupled with his descriptive narrative. His is a tale intended to draw the reader right into the content through means of skilful interlacing of content lines. The interwoven story lines do suffice to keep readers engrossed and turning the pages as they meet the captivating characters fleshing Sadok’s controlled text. Created with noesis Smart Vaccine presents an involved uncertainty jam-packed story line as the basis for the work presenting believable uncertainty, and heart stopping near misses along with a thought-provoking result.

Sadok proves to be an inventive author who has created a riveting domain infused with a powerful, well written story that is one you will want to complete in one setting; so choose a time when you can read from beginning to end.

In this suspense filled narrative engineered with skill, awash with conflict satisfactorily resolved, vibrant characters come to life under the penning of author Sadok. The ‘good’ guys are rattling good, and the mobsters are genuinely horrifying. Interest is preserved during a galvanizing rush end-to-end crammed into the work. The tale complete with a large portion of angst, development, perfidiousness as well as enigmatic circumstances comes together as one persuasive read.

Dialog as presented adds a disarming fell of the dramatic and added dimension to the message through use of hard hitting, granular, non-profane, persuasive and strong vocabulary.

Settings provided with sufficient particulars enable readers to form mental imaging of the surroundings further maintains reader interest.

While Sadok’s biography acknowledges he is authoring novels with a Christian mindset: I find he executes his goal without coming across as preachy.

We who enjoy powerful thrillers can only hope R. D. Sadok is hard at work on the next, and many more novels are soon forthcoming. Gripping Read. Happy to Recommend… 4 stars.
Molly Martin (31st January 2019)

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