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Mossad X

Ori Rotem

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Published : 2013

Copyright : Ori Rotem 2013

ISBN-10 : EB Not Known
ISBN-13 : EB Not Known

Publisher's Write-Up

"It turns out that different people have different challenges they have to resolve in order to exist.

Sometimes the problems are so difficult that they have to involve those around them.

They have to invade other people's space, take away their privacy, their health and even their life, so that they themselves can go on living.

It's called the fight for survival. It is not pure evil. It is sometimes the only option they have, but when that happens, those 'other people' have to defend themselves."

Rogue forces are at work in one of the most powerful clandestine organizations in the world - the Israeli Mossad. Eli Regev, a complete outsider, finds himself in the impossible position of having to confront the experts and try to beat them at their own game in order to save his family. With the odds stacked heavily against him, can he really come up with a viable plan?

Mossad X will have you sitting on the edge of your seat anticipating everyone’s next move.

About the Author:
Ori Rotem is a native-born Israeli with a distinguished, 45-year career in Israel's defence sector. This is his first novel.

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Review by Paul Lappen (310713) Rating (9/10)

Review by Paul Lappen
Rating 9/10
This novel is about the lengths to which a father will go for his daughter.

The book is set in present-day Israel. Nili works for the Mossad. Yakov, a senior figure in the Mossad, sets up a meeting with her for the next day. The rumour is that the subject will be about Paris. Reuven, another senior Mossad figure, can't let the meeting take place. Both Nili and Reuven were part of a Mossad team that committed a huge error in Paris a few years previously. Reuven is convinced that Nili is going to tell everything, so she must be eliminated.

An assassination is much too obvious, so Meir, Nili's boyfriend, arranges for her to be brutally attacked, and injected with a drug that paralyzes her entire body, including her vocal cords. Nili is not totally paralyzed, so she is able to tell Eli, her father, that she knows the men involved. Eli kidnaps them and "convinces" them to start talking.

If Nili does not receive the antidote within a few weeks, she will die. Reuven has the antidote, but he is not about to save Nili on humanitarian grounds. Eli and Miriam, his wife and former Mossad employee, come up with a plan to get Reuven's teenage children "out of the way" and convince him that they have been kidnapped. Reuven is given a stark choice: save Nili and his children will be freed, otherwise...

Does Nili survive? Do Eli and Miriam survive? Is the huge error in Paris made public?

This one is really good. It's about a father's love for his children, and the things they will do to protect them. It also has plenty of intrigue, and yes, it is very much worth the reader's time.
Paul Lappen (31st July 2013)

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