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Matthew Reilly

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (3 Reviews)
Book Details

Publisher : Pan

Published : 1999

Copyright : Matthew Reilly 1999

ISBN-10 : PB 0-330-48248-3
ISBN-13 : PB 978-0-330-48248-6

Publisher's Write-Up

Deep in the jungles of Peru the contest of the century is underway. It's a race to locate a legendary Incan idol - one carved out of a strange kind of stone. But a stone which, in the present age, could be used as the basis for a terrifying new weapon.

The US Army wants this prize at any cost. But they are not alone...

The only clue to the idol's final resting place is to be found in a 400-year-old manuscript. Which introduces Professor William Race, a mild-mannered but brilliant linguist, who is unwillingly recruited to interpret the document that could lead the US team to the idol itself.

So begins the mission that will lead Race and his armed companions to a mysterious stone temple hidden in the foothills of the Andes. This is a carefully contrived sanctuary seething with menace and unexpected dangers. But it is not until the silence of the temple is breached that Race and his team discover they have broken a golden rule...

Some doors are meant to remain unopened.

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Review by Alma (300401) Rating (8/10)
Review by Philip (300401) Rating (7/10)
Review by Chrissi (310301) Rating (8/10)

Review by Alma
Rating 8/10
I really liked the way that there are two stories running in tandem, the way that the two eras are brought together over the great time difference was something that I particularly liked as I enjoy stories set in Historical contexts.

The point of the story is that of a search for an idol, documented in texts written by a monk. It could be important to a new line of weapons research. There are several groups looking for it, from fanatics to the American government but it is proving illusive. The story revolves around William Race, an expert in ancient languages, who bears a resemblance to the man who hid the idol so successfully that it remains hidden to this day. The search is exciting, with big crocodiles and lots of jungle chases.

Although I felt that the story was far fetched, it was well written and I really did enjoy it.
Alma (30th April 2001)

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Review by Philip
Rating 7/10
I have to say that I did enjoy it, but it was rather too action packed for me, it could have had only one third of the action and still been very exciting.

The stunts were rather far fetched, and although it was well written, I wouldn't read any more of his books for a while as this story seemed to be the product of a rather over active, vivid imagination.

However, I do like Dirk Pitt, and enjoy a good action packed story, so you never know!
Philip (30th April 2001)

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Review by Chrissi
Rating 8/10
Temple is a two fold story based around a manuscript written by a monk during the Spanish conquest of the South Americas in the sixteenth century.
The manuscript holds the key to finding a rare mineral which could be the answer to the global arms race.

This is, like Ice Station, an action packed novel with twists and turns. It reads really well (I bought it in Waterstones yesterday afternoon when I went to buy two copies of Ice station for our parents) and it's now 8.20 in the evening and I have finished it.

Although quite thick paperback books, they should not daunt you - if you want action then Matthew Reilly is going to be a good author to keep an eye out for.

I liked the hero of Ice Station better then Temple - Professor William Race is more like Indiana Jones, Schofield is the better man in my opinion. Race lacks a certain something to make him into a real hero for me but I read the bit at the back and the author says that he will probably bring back both characters - looking forward to that!
Chrissi (31st March 2001)

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