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Equal Rites

Terry Pratchett

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (1 Review)
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Publisher : Victor Gollancz

Published : 1987

Copyright : Terry Pratchett 1987

ISBN-10 : Not Known - BCA Edition
ISBN-13 : Not Known - BCA Edition

Publisher's Write-Up

Plodding through the eternal void is the great turtle A'Tuin. On his back (or hers - the question is unresolved) stand four elephants. And supported on the elephants' shoulders is... Discworld, planet of magic and misadventure!

Predicting his own death, the wizard Drum Billet sets out to pass on his power and his staff to his predicted successor, the eighth son of an eighth son. But there is a problem. The eighth son turns out to be a daughter, and women aren't supposed to be wizards. ('Where does it say women can't be wizards?' 'It doesn't say it anywhere, it says it everywhere.')

But it's too late: Eskarina inherits the wizard's staff, and with the reluctant help of the witch Granny Weatherwax sets out to learn her new calling.

'A sequence of unalloyed delight.'


'Terry Pratchett is simply the best humorous writer of the twentieth century.'

Brendan Wignall, Oxford Times

'It's hard to think of any humorist writing in Britain today who can match him.'

Dominic Wells, Time Out

'The funniest British writer working today - in any genre.'

Yorkshire Post

'If you are unfamiliar with Pratchett's unique blend of philosophical badinage interspersed with slapstick, you are on the threshold of a mind-expanding opportunity.'

Financial Times
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Review by Chrissi (190101) Rating (8/10)

Review by Chrissi
Rating 8/10
This is the first time that we get to meet Granny Weatherwax, she is the witch who acts as a midwife for the Village of Bad Ass in the Ramtops. As the wizard Drum Billett is ready to die, he goes to the Village where he expects there to be born an eighth son of an eighth son, only his knowledge of anatomy is slightly skewed and he passes his staff to a daughter, bequeathing her men's magic.

As the little girl, Esk, grows up, she begins to manifest power and is taken for an apprentice by Granny Weatherwax, in order that she learn more appropriate magic. Unfortunately as Esk learns from Granny, she borrows the mind of an Eagle and Granny has to ask for help from the staff of Drum Billett, and Granny realises that she needs to take Esk to the Unseen University to learn how to use her power properly.

Travelling to forn parts is an experience for Granny and Esk, and they meet a wizard and a junior wizard also travelling to the University. The junior wizard is a nice young man called Simon who understands a great deal about magic, which he explains to the young Esk. Once at the University, Esk is told that girls are unable to become wizards, and so that she can see inside the University Granny arranges for her to become a cleaning person there. She sees Simon becoming a magnet for the things from the Dungeon Dimensions, and in the face of the wizard's inability to assist, she sets out to rescue him when his mind is taken to the Dimensions and imprisoned.

There are many things about this book that makes it special, most of which is Granny and her strange theories, especially "Headology," a strange blend of common sense and complete rubbish, but completely brilliant. I have to say that of many of the characters of the Discworld, the witches are probably one of my most favourite, and this is a lovely way to meet her.
Chrissi (19th January 2001)

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