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Fidel Castro is Dead

Pradeep Persaud

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : CreateSpace

Published : 2011

Copyright : Pradeep Persaud 2011

ISBN-10 : PB 1-4663-9194-4
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-4663-9194-9

Publisher's Write-Up

Fidel Castro is Dead is an odyssey about love, life, and laughter. A satirical comedy, the story begins in 1975, transpires over three decades, and follows a group of individuals through the height of the Cold War to the depths of 9/11, from the dawn of the World Wide Web to the madness of the dotcoms, and from unimaginable wealth to unrelenting destitution before climaxing in a bizarre and ironic twist.

Triumphs and tragedies; premonitions and nightmares; dramatic twists of plot and gut-busting laughter form the backdrop to the ever-powerful attraction between two childhood friends turned lovers whose lives are perpetually affected, for better or for worse, by extraordinary events beyond their control.

Fidel Castro is Dead transports readers from coastal South America to bustling Manhattan; from laid-back California to roaring Niagara Falls; and from Mexico and Europe to the secluded beaches off the coast of Thailand, while constantly raising the question, 'What is the meaning of it all?' The saga is told in parallel stories, one in the second person POV, and the other in the third person.

Fidel Castro is Dead is the debut novel of Canadian/American writer Pradeep Persaud.

About the Author:
Pradeep Persaud, an electrical engineer, has worked for many years in the hi-technology industry, both in the designing and marketing of primarily cellular phones, but also on other wireless and semiconductor products. He's a world traveller. Fidel Castro is Dead is his first novel.

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Review by Sarah A. (310112) Rating (9/10)

Review by Sarah A.
Rating 9/10
An interestingly woven, well developed plot; an absurd mixture of comedy, tragedy, and travel; a fast-moving, philosophical, and suspenseful satire, are all phrases that one can use to describe Fidel Castro is Dead by Pradeep Persaud, but most aptly, I would say this novel is an intensely romantic, very passionate journey stitched together with very memorable scenes - every single one of them!

From the reunion of the two protagonists to paradise in Thailand; from skiing in Shangri-la to striking gold with the dotcoms; and from scraping to survive in New York City to the culture shock and welcome in the homeland - plus many more - all lead up to a totally unexpected ending. Along the path of this whimsical odyssey are sprinkled social commentaries with very clever turn of phrases and wordage in just the right dosage.

The metaphors are simply jaw-dropping and each one made me wonder, how did the author come up with that? The superb imagery and dialogue shows that he knows exactly what he's talking about with respect to places, character types, and events. The voice is fresh and unique, and the tension, suspense, and romance are so gripping that right from the beginning, the story held me, and during the last half, I just couldn't put the novel down.

Told in the second and third person POVs, the quirky plot unfolds via parallel stories that intersect in an unforgettable climax that is both funny and tragic, and in keeping with the overall theme of entertainment. I strongly recommend this book.
Sarah A (31st January 2012)

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