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1st to Die

James Patterson

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Headline Feature

Published : 2001

Copyright : James Patterson 2001

ISBN-10 : HB 0-7472-6347-7
ISBN-13 : HB 978-0-7472-6347-0

Publisher's Write-Up

1st to Die is the electrifying first novel in a thrilling new series from mega-bestselling James Patterson. The creator of Alex Cross - one of the most popular series characters in thriller fiction - now introduces Lindsay Boxer and the Women's Murder Club, whose fight against the criminal mind has only just begun.

The killer had imagined this moment.
This exquisite scene, so many times.
'Congratulations' the killer muttered, handing over the champagne. He stared at the man in the open tuxedo shirt with a black tie hanging around his neck.
The groom barely looked at him as he inspected the brightly ribboned box, 'And card?' he said, fumbling in his pants pocket for a tip.
'Only this, sir.'
The killer stepped forward and plunged a knife deeply into the groom's chest.
'For the man who has everything' he said.

As the only woman homicide inspector in San Francisco, Lindsay Boxer has to be tough. But nothing has prepared her for the honeymoon murders.

A brutal maniac begins a killing spree - slaughtering newlywed couples - and Lindsay takes on the case. She is sickened by the deaths, but her determination to bring the murderer to justice is threatened by a personal tragedy. So she turns to Claire, a coroner, Cindy, a journalist, and Jill, an attorney, for help with both crises: and the Women's Murder Club is born.

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Review by Chrissi (300401) Rating (8/10)

Review by Chrissi
Rating 8/10
From the author who writes stories of the Washington Psychologist - policeman, we meet Lindsey, a homicide inspector working out of the San Francisco Police Department. The book opens with the gruesome murders of a newly married couple in the hotel on their wedding night, and continues in a very similar vein. It would seem that someone has a grudge against that venerable institution.

Now, you know that I like James Patterson, and in particular the Alex Cross stories, but I really enjoyed this. I think that there is great scope available to Mr Patterson to continue with Lindsay and her friends in the future. The nice thing about this is that you have not just got one genius making large leaps to his conclusions, Miss Marple style, you have a group of people working together to get the answers. There is Lindsay, the policewoman, the journalist, the pathologist, and the District Attorney. They dub themselves informally "The Women's Murder Club" whilst drinking cocktails one evening. Each of these ladies could have been the main character, but Patterson has brought them together to act as support for each other.

There are subplots within the main story, and they enrich it greatly. They allow you to see more than the professional roles of the characters. It also allows you to think your way through the investigation with the ladies, you want them to be right, you want them to succeed. It also, because you are involved, makes the final twist that much more riveting. If you have missed the evolution of Alex Cross as a character, then get in on this, they could go far...
Chrissi (30th April 2001)

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