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Among Thieves

Mez Packer

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Tindal Street Press

Published : 2009

Copyright : Mez Packer 2009

ISBN-10 : PB 0-9556476-2-2
ISBN-13 : PB 978-0-9556476-2-8

Publisher's Write-Up

A counter-cultural thriller set in India, Spain and 2 Tone Coventry.

It's 1984. Jez, a no-good 2 Tone loving Cov lad, and Jamaican Bas are drawn into a money laundering scam in Spain by two ambitious ex-university dealers, Andy and Pads. These middle-class wide-boys are locked in a feud of mysterious origin - chilly Pads has the upper hand, and the money, whereas charming Andy has the charisma, and the girls. But Andy takes a step too far when he sets up a deal with IRA gangsters and has to ask Pads to bail him out financially.

Over in Spain, Jez is sure they re being followed and begins to unravel. Bas keeps the operation rolling until he meets Becca, a working class girl from up North employed by Pads to spoil their plans. She eventually impresses both leaders and is recruited for the next scam: smuggling charras from India.

Meanwhile Mehmet is caught up in a violent revenge killing and needs to escape Hoxha's prison-like Albania. When he reaches Spain he intersects with the team and his fortunes change. Revenges ripen.

'A brilliant headlong narrative by a thrilling story-teller.'

Graham Joyce
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Review by Alexandra Brunel (090809) Rating (9/10)

Review by Alexandra Brunel
Rating 9/10
Fast, furious, funny 'caper' piece with a soundtrack to die for and a whole lot more going on under its taut, two-tone skin... Mez Packer's first-published novel brings 1980's Coventry to life, a city emerging late from the ashes into the political chaos of the early Thatcher years.

A cast of lively characters - brought lovingly to life via Mez’s ear for dialogue and voices - become embroiled in a scheme to rescue their investment in a drug-deal-gone-wrong.

Every element you love in a cracking good read, from a twisting, churning plot-line to great locations and something to say about race and justice and human dignity, all from a story-teller we're sure to hear more about. Beg, borrow or steal it before the rest of the world catches on...
Alexandra Brunel (9th August 2009)

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