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The Pumpkin Field

Linda Nance

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Createspace

Published : 2011

Copyright : Linda Nance 2011

ISBN-10 : PB 1-4610-4481-2
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-4610-4481-9

Publisher's Write-Up

Through the years as I have told or read this story the children sat listening to every word. When the story is over it is only beginning as the questions flood forth about all different things from the different children. I see emotions relating to excitement, curiosity and a desire to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences and questions.

Each and every page is an art work done to bring the story to life. I am so pleased to be able to share something so special in so many ways. The characters are ones that will remain in memory not to haunt but to be happy memories almost like friends on an adventure. The first of the book allows you to write to and from, making it a gift that is special just as you would a greeting card. This is a greeting of happy memories and good times shared.

In a short and magically poetic story many doors open allowing communication on various topics and of as many thoughts as are possible in the young minds of those who share the tale. It is not just a story to tell but one that can be special in many ways.

On this journey through the pumpkin field there are strange, ominous, mysterious, and even magical things that occur. Was it real or was it a dream? Could that be why it is requested even now into a new generation? I hope that my illustrations will bring this tale to life and just as my children and grandchildren and so many others have loved this tale, it will bring a special smile and create memories shared by all who read or receive it. This book is my gift to be passed on and shared, that can live on and reach out beyond the pages leaving delighted smiles. The Pumpkin Field is a little book with a big reach.

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Review by Deb Hockenberry (310811) Rating (8/10)

Review by Deb Hockenberry
Rating 8/10
Strange things happen on Halloween night or do they? In this picture book it is a chilly and misty night. It’s a perfect night for spooky things to happen. It’s a perfect night to be full of fright!

Do scarecrows jump from their posts and dance around on Halloween? Do pumpkins dance from their pumpkin patch? Or is it just shadows in the misty night air? What was that flying through the air? Was it a bird?

In this delightful children’s book, we find out just what the answers are to these questions and more. Linda’s watercolour illustrations really bring the story to life!

A child will love this book. It explains the spooky things you see and the creepy sounds you hear. Adults will enjoy reading this to their children as it brings back memories of their own Halloween celebrations.
Deb Hockenberry (31st August 2011)

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