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The Puzzle Box

The Apocalyptic Four

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

Published : 2013

Copyright : The Apocalyptic Four 2013

ISBN-10 : PB 1-77053-040-1
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-77053-040-9

Publisher's Write-Up

The Puzzle Box by the Apocalyptic Four

Table of Contents:
The First Piece of the Puzzle
The Awakening of Master March by Randy McCharles
The Second Piece of the Puzzle
Autumn Unbound by Billie Milholland
The Third Piece of the Puzzle
Angela and Her Three Wishes by Eileen Bell
The Fourth Piece of the Puzzle
Ghost in the Machine by Ryan McFadden
The Final Piece of the Puzzle

An intriguing anthology where reality is transient and the puzzle box holds the key to the meaning of life.

Archaeology Professor Albert Mallory understands reality. He knows the way the world works. When he steals an ancient puzzle box to pay off gambling debts, he thinks the only mysterious thing about the artefact is how to get it open. But when a stranger appears at Albert’s door demanding to see the box, Albert is plunged into mysteries he never dreamt possible.

Through the tales of four others who succeeded in opening the puzzle box - a musician named Warlock with a weakness for witches; photographer Autumn Bailey, with a strange link to the past; video store clerk Angela Matterly with those unworldly eyes; and a comic book illustrator called Sam, on a quest for his life - Albert learns that reality is transient and the way the world works is not found in text books.

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Reader Reviews

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Review by Paul Lappen (310714) Rating (9/10)

Review by Paul Lappen
Rating 9/10
This book shows that reality is not what we think it is, and the key is a puzzle box.

Professor Albert Mallory has stolen an ancient puzzle box, and plans to sell it to pay gambling debts. The night before the debt comes due, a man named The Chronicler visits Mallory and demands to see the box. From the open box, Mallory watches the stories of four other people who opened the box.

Warlock is a roadie for a rock band. He falls for a woman who really is part of a coven of witches, which he is all set to join. Through the open box comes Satan, who offers a chance to become the band's lead singer, replacing the current lead singer who is in the hospital.

Autumn Bailey was sent to Earth to live as a human until her 30th birthday. She actually has a very strong connection to Greek mythology.

Angela Matterly is a video store clerk who likes to wear cats-eye contact lenses. One night, Roger, a fellow employee, gets the box open, and out pops an eight-foot tall djinn named Skip. Angela is offered three wishes, but there is a time limit. She uses one of the wishes, but things turn very bad, so she is able to put things back the way they were. Things get complicated when Angela learns that Ellen, her mother, and Skip, the Djinn, already know each other (it's not what you are thinking).

Sam is a comic book artist who meets Lucy at an art show. Their relationship gets hot and heavy, until Lucy's ex-boyfriend interrupts them, carrying a shotgun. After he shoots Lucy, and then himself, things get weird.

These are all first-rate stories (personally, the second pair of stories are a little better than the first pair). They are well-done, and they are nice and weird. The reader will not go wrong with this book.
Paul Lappen (31st July 2014)

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