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Who Wants a Dragon?

James Mayhew & Lindsey Gardiner

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Scholastic

Published : 2004

Copyright : James Mayhew & Lindsey Gardiner 2004

ISBN-10 : PB 0-439-80079-X
ISBN-13 : PB 978-0-439-800792

Publisher's Write-Up

Age Range: 6 - 11 years

Who wants a dragon, all fiery and bright? A lost baby dragon, alone in the night?

A lost baby dragon, alone in the night is looking for somebody to love. He is pink and cuddly and very cute, and his misadventures will have readers laughing, as he frightens a knight and gives the king and queen a good scare. But when the little dragon finally finds his mama, he, and readers, will know that he's found someone who loves him. An utterly delightful tale, filled with fairytale characters and the all important happy ending!

Young children will love exploring the fairy-tale castle and finding out who is just right to love the little dragon.

'Lindsey Gardiner's illustrations for this rhyming text are a delight, fond and cuddly, and never too sickly sweet.'

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Review by Molly Martin (010420) Rating (9/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Book Source: Not Known
Rating 9/10

James Mayhew’s Who Wants a Dragon?, illustrated by children’s artist illustrator Lindsey Gardiner presents to Little Learners to ‘a dragon all fiery and bright… a lost baby dragon, alone in the night.’

‘A dragon is much more fun than a cat!’ he attempts to persuade a witch in a hat. They soon grasp dragons are not the finest thing for the broom.

Next Baby Dragon inquires of the knight brave and bold, ‘how could he leave him outside in the cold?’ Poor knight, worried inside his helmet, ‘he’s certain the dragon will give him a bite!’

Accordingly the narrative goes on; he talks with a drowsy princess, The King and his Queen, even the Fairy, until, at last he does find someone ‘who’d cuddle a dragon, someone who’ll love him just right, SHE will cuddle him, and kiss him and help him sleep tight’.

James Mayhew’s Who Wants a Dragon?, is one more of the countless just for fun books I frequently read to K 1 Little Learners during the first weeks of the new school term.

Writer Mayhews’ appealing chronicle coupled with Lindsey Gardiner’s delightful, quirky pictures enchanted Little Learners and their teacher alike. I particularly like the unaffected rhymes offered in each scenario. They are unpretentious rhymes, nonetheless they are vital for growing reading fluency. I have found; too often it seems, Little Students do not always recognize what rhyme means. Once that hurdle is subjugated many Emergent Readers commence realisation that knowing words and their rhymes can rev up their reading speed and comprehension too.

During the primary readings of the book during the first few days of our new school term; I merely read the book, prior to it being placed into the basket to be one of the selected for fun reading during daily DEAR reading time. Who Wants a Dragon? was regularly the first taken by the child of the day.

As our school term proceeded and Little Learners became more self-confident and happy with listening and reading and enjoying; I began work regarding the words that sound alike; i.e. rhyme.

Even when Little Learners do not yet recognize what rhyme means, I seldom found a student who did not enjoy the rhymes.

I particularly like Who Wants a Dragon? for the opportunities it offers for class discussion. What a beautiful reassuring belief for children everywhere that the one who is most expected to love, want and adore any of us, is our very own Mama.

During many years in the K1 level classroom; I have found children who feel they are loved, wanted and adored are much more happy, self-assured, able to face a defeat or mistake without tears or whining or giving up, and are able to see the mistake, work to correct and able to continue to progress in most situations.

Osage County First Grade treasured Who Wants a Dragon?; I am happy to recommend for the school, classroom, and public library. It is a nice book for gifting a child who may be hesitant to start their school career, it is a lovely book for students to gift their new class and teacher.
Molly Martin (1st April 2020)

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