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The Elements of Lore
Volume 1 of the Books of Lore

Doctor Harry S. Hope

Average Review Rating Average Rating 10/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd

Published : May 2008

Copyright : Doctor Harry S. Hope 2008

ISBN-10 : PB 1-906210-83-7
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-906210-83-0

Publisher's Write-Up

The Elements of Lore; Alex, Amber and Caius' adventure reveals our world's secret magic. Alex Fletcher is an ordinary boy, but after being chased through the snow and taking a scholarship at the Lore Ordinance Research Establishment life is never the same again... Welcome Apprentice to a world where science and magic combine, where a Manor and Biospheres hold terrible secrets, where Lore Masters battle and deadly enemies rage. Is Alex the One? Will darkness overthrow the Lore? Alex's journey promises magic, adventure and horror, remember Apprentice when the Elements' secrets are revealed you'll never go back...

Sales generate donation to Cystic Fibrosis Trust.


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Review by M. Mallop (100508) Rating (10/10)

Review by M. Mallop
Rating 10/10
Mallop's rating 10 out of 10 and if it could have eleven I would!

The Elements of Lore opens a series of fantasy novels titled The Books of Lore, the book, which raises a donation for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust Charity, came as a bit of a shock - I don't know what I was expecting: perhaps something ordinary and predictable in this over crowded genre, but I was surprised, so surprised in fact it only took me a day and night to read because I couldn't bare to be taken away from the fast paced adventure.

The story is about a boy called Alex Fletcher who finds himself removed from his humorously described drab school and thrust into the Lore Ordinance Research Establishment, here he learns of the truth behind science, of how physics labs and boring lessons are just a facade for the magical truth held behind a delicate veil of lies: Alex learns of the Elements and their ruling force the Lore. Pretty soon Alex and the two other principles Amber and Caius are head-long in an adventure to save the Lore and the world as we know it. The Author takes you from location to location, describes wondrous creature and magical event after magical event and always leaves you begging to read on at the end of a chapter.

The novel is filled with humorous characters (the eco-warrior biology teacher and the wretched Seer being my personal favourites) and fantastic events but that are all contained within the 'rules' of this fantasy world - you can definitely see that everything has been planned to the nth degree.

This book would definitely appeal to Harry Potter and His Dark Material fans, Doctor Hope manages to creatively weave the plot giving this book that all important dual adult/child appeal. You can see how the characters will develop and how the premise behind the novel (a kind of Luke Skywalker meets witches and wizards) will build and build over the series giving enjoyment and filling your dreams with the most imaginative concepts I have heard for a long while. The writing itself in the novel is punchy and direct, having a Practchett-esque ring to it - true there were a few minor typesetting errors in my copy, but it didn't seem to distract my attention from the fantastic story.

So from the mischievous Brownies (who are busy arguing over whether they are Brownies or Greenies or even Terracotaries), to great shape-shifting horses, to creatures made solely of water and the most luxurious demon you will ever have the pleasure reading about. I just can't wait for the second one.

Since getting my hands on the novel I have ordered another one to get it signed - I have a feeling this series may be set for big things and I can't bring myself to miss out on what could be a retirement fund... but in all seriousness if you want to enjoy a book with your family, while away an afternoon in the garden or to take on holiday The Elements of Lore will not disappoint - I promise. I am also smiling because I know I can be one of those annoying people who when everyone is talking about the books I can say - Oh I read that when it very first came out - how obnoxiously annoying of me.

Is this a genre and a market that is saturated? Yes. Did I pick up the book with a sceptical raise of my eyebrow and think here we go again? Absolutely. But does this book stand on its own merit? Are these magical ideas different from others? Did I find myself laughing out loud and getting sweaty palms? Hell yeah! My conclusion - buy it, read it, enjoy it and feel good about yourself because it gives some cash to charity!
M. Mallop (10th May 2008)

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