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The Guardian of Genghis Khan's Tomb

Michael B. Hickland

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : BookBaby

Published : 2013

Copyright : Michael B. Hickland 2013

ISBN-10 : EB 1-62675-329-6
ISBN-13 : EB 978-1-62675-329-7

Publisher's Write-Up

Since 1227, finding the Tomb of Genghis Khan has been the obsession of tyrants, adventurers and treasure hunters.

All have failed to find it.

It is a Genghis Khan fact that, looking at a map today, he had conquered a geographic area which would include 30 countries and 3+ billion people.

The legend says that, in order to keep his tomb's location secret, Genghis Khan slaughtered hundreds if not thousands of his captives after they had been forced to dig his burial site. He had amassed untold wealth with enormous quantities of jewels, gold and silver from his conquests that are believed to be buried with him.

So why hasn't his crypt been found in almost eight hundred years?

In The Guardian of Genghis Khan's Tomb, the Great Conqueror extracts a sacred oath from a special advisor. It binds both this trusted counsellor and his family forever to protect the tomb and the most immense treasure ever known.

Now, in a remote Asian river valley, a beautiful English scientist's chance discovery of an ancient artefact tied directly to Genghis Khan ignites a furious race among China, Russia and the United States to find that crypt. The stakes are huge, putting the young woman along with her American sponsor at the centre of the confrontation.

Can The Guardian of Genghis Khan's Tomb manage to keep the gravesite safe and his beloved country, a fledgling democracy, from being overrun? Or will war break out between the world's Superpowers? Michael B. Hickland's e-novel is a fast paced historical fiction thriller full of turns and twists.

It ends with a conclusion that would stun even the Great Conqueror himself.

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Review by Paul Lappen (310513) Rating (9/10)

Review by Paul Lappen
Rating 9/10
This novel is about an 800-year-old treasure that comes very close to starting a third World War.

In an isolated bit of Mongolia, Genghis Khan buried the spoils from his years of plundering and pillaging across Asia. Over the centuries, many diligent attempts were made to find the treasure, especially during World War II, but without luck.

Kate Barrows is an English palaeontologist leading an expedition in present-day Mongolia looking for dinosaur fossils. One day, she stumbles across a very old child's hunting bow, which, through satellite phone calls, is verified to be Khan's childhood bow (the treasure must be somewhere nearby). Russia and China are listening in on the phone calls, so they both amass troops on Mongolia's borders, along with sending "mining equipment" to the area.

Drew Moss, Kate's financial backer and an ex-Navy SEAL, heads to Mongolia with a group of CIA personnel, to take over security for the camp. Kate does not know about Khan's treasure, until now. Attempts are made by Russian and Chinese Special Forces personnel to infiltrate the camp. It becomes a race to see who can first open the underground storehouse. The Americans unearth the front door; of course, Khan thought to include a few booby traps. Who reaches the treasure first? Is World War III prevented?

This one is really good. It has plenty of action and political intrigue. It's plausible, and it's also short, and easy to read. It is very much recommended.
Paul Lappen (31st May 2013)

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