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The Forgotten Past
The Arhka Chronicles - Vol 2

Heather Hayashi

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Synergy Books

Published : 2007

Copyright : Heather Hayashi 2007

ISBN-10 : HB 1-933538-77-5
ISBN-13 : HB 978-1-933538-77-8

Publisher's Write-Up

Aliens descended upon Arhka, and they did not come in peace. The world's four races were forced to set aside their differences - and centuries of civil war - to unite against the common threat. With the help of the Powers, three women summoned from Earth, the people of Arhka were able to take back what was theirs, but at a heavy cost. With the aliens already rallying, the allies realized the war had only begun.

When Derrick discovers that his mother, Elise, and his older sister, Stephanie, have gone missing, he's determined to find them. As he retraces their last steps, he crosses paths with Jason, whose younger sister, Eris, disappeared with Derrick's mother and sister. The two team up and embark on a journey that leads them to Arhka. There, the connections between the aliens, Arhka, Earth, and the fate of the three women they're searching for are slowly becoming clear. And they begin to realize that sometimes the darkest threats come from within.

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Review by Molly Martin (280210) Rating (9/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Rating 9/10
Heather Hayashi’s The Forgotten Past: The Arhka Chronicles, Vol 2 begins with the monster beneath the maelstrom. Lighting illuminated the sky. The enemy was waiting. The prologue sets the scene for tension, fear and anxiety.

Chapter one begins with the Day of the Aliens. Leaving behind the heat and humidity of the afternoon; Derrick Milianas entered the cooling temperature the apartment building. A telephone call from his Dad moved Derrick into action, his Dad’s overnight in hand Derrick headed for the airport where his Dad was waiting. From that beginning the tale moves quickly; unidentified flying objects were seen descending from the eye of a storm, Derrick’s mother’s name and that of his sister are on the list of the missing, an unexpected discovery, a piece of jewellery and the mystery has only begun.

When Derrick learns that his mother, Elise, and his older sister, Stephanie, are among the missing, he's resolute in his determination to locate them. Travelling to the place where they have been living he meets Jason, whose younger sister, Eris, also disappeared with Derrick's mother and sister.
Joining forces seems a natural thing for the pair to do before setting off to locate a mysterious land Eris had told Jason about following an earlier incident when she had been wafted off somewhere.

The journey takes the duo to Arhka where the fellows hope the reason for the abductions and whereabouts of the three women is revealed.
Before long parallel worlds, travel from one to the other, another young man with a missing sibling to share Derrick’s worry, Derrick’s secretive father Steven and his government work, travel to a mysterious land, and a desperate plan move the chronicle forward.

Finding Eris, facing danger, ith’rya, dealing with the aftermath of an attack, and an upside down car in a crater are all part of the action. A pounding headache, Vampires, adjusting to the truth, humanoids and a Tyrannosaur like critter with snakelike eyes, leaders of various Arhka governments, Dragon cities, teleportation points Derrick and Jason find themselves on an fast paced race from one world to the other.

Keelryth, a Dragon who has found a new toy, perspective from the other side, mysterious technology, into the fire, well laid plans which do not always work as hoped, a secret told, and something worth dying for leave the youngsters filled with more concern and Elise, Eris and Stephanie no less fretful. A will to fight, something lost in translation, a daughter’s frustration, things to come and the Oracle’s concern, overwhelming power, meeting the enemy, and worried families all keep the reader turning the pages.

Writer Hayashi's mesmerizing prologue in addition to a matter-of-fact depiction of initial characters, moves the reader into the ongoing narrative of The Arhka Chronicles. Various cabals of Arhka population have been warring for centuries. It is the usual struggle for power, who rules and who is ruled and plain and simple greed which has ultimately led the four races of Arhka into the struggle. That was before the aliens had attacked; bringing the four races of Arhka with the realisation that it was either stop fighting one another and begin to work together or be destroyed.

The Forgotten Past goes on meandering and turning through the blockbuster narrative begun on the pages of To Save the World: The Arhka Chronicles, Vol 1. This latest episode blends fantasy and science fiction in large quantity, introduces a whole new group characters taking their place alongside many found in the first episode, and another race created by the author. A new stratum is layered to the anticipation and accomplishment as the characters endure psychological difficulty.

Multiple storylines, mesmerizing characters, detail filled settings, and just plain good writing are all included in this fast paced work. Happy to recommend Heather Hayashi’s The Forgotten Past The Arhka Chronicles, Vol 2.
Molly Martin (28th February 2010)

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