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Avenger of Blood

John Hagee

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Thomas Nelson Publishers

Published : 2002

Copyright : John Hagee 2002

ISBN-10 : HB 0-7852-6789-1
ISBN-13 : HB 978-0-7852-6789-8

Publisher's Write-Up

This powerful sequel to Devil's Island follows the apostle John and the family of Christians he has befriended as they confront danger and the many challenges that face first century believers.

In Avengers of Blood the dramatic conflict between historic Christianity and ancient heresies parallels the resurgence of Gnostic and pagan beliefs in the late twentieth century under the guise of the New Age movement. the plot also deals with social issues - such a child abandonment, sanctioned by Roman law in a way that will touch the hearts of pro-life Christians today.

As the story continues, released from his exile on Patmos, the apostle John sets out to deliver his apocalyptic writings to the seven churches of Asia. But the elderly apostle's protege, Jacob turns away from his call to the ministry in order to seek revenge on his family's persecutor.

His sister Rebecca, must confront her feelings for the unbelieving lawyer hired to hand her late father's estate. Will she follow her heart or sacrifice love to follow God's will? Rebecca's illegitimate son, Victor, is destined to become a respected pastor who must battle enemies both inside and outside the church.

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Review by Denise M. Clark (011102) Rating (9/10)

Review by Denise M. Clark
Rating 9/10
Avenger of Blood is the second of a series called The Apocalypse Diaries, which tell the tale of one families' endeavor to survive the persecutions and torments against Christians in the early first century. Twins Jacob and Peter, along with their sister Rebecca, are the only survivors of their immediate family as this books picks up, after having survived persecution during Roman emperor Domitian's reign. Rebecca had endured the hell of Patmos, or Devil's Island, as it was commonly known, with John the Apostle. There, she was brutally attacked by a Roman officer named Damien and ultimately bore his child. Once home, it is up to Peter and Jacob, who suffered in different ways, to guide the family through their lingering grief and difficulties. Peter takes up the reins of the family shipping business, while Jacob, intent upon revenge, sets out to find and punish Damien, who reenters their lives just as they're trying to rebuild them.

So begins this tale riddled with volatile emotions... faith and love and hatred and vengeance. It's a story filled with wonderfully developed, three-dimensional characters, replete with weaknesses and strengths, each of whom strive to find the right path to follow in life. A riveting, action filled tale filled with romance, suspense, murder and subtle history, all rolled into one, makes it one exciting book written of a rarely explored time period. What makes Avenger of Blood stand head and shoulders above so many others is the ability and depths to which the author deftly explores the doubts of this new faith that at times plague his characters. He does so with understanding and compassion for those characters, breathing life into them with extraordinary ease. An excellent plot and richly fleshed out characters coupled with a smooth and easily readable prose makes Avenger of Blood an exciting reading experience for young and old alike.

Mr. Hagee is founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, with a membership of over 17,000. And if he preaches anywhere close to the way he writes, his membership can only continue to grow by leaps and bounds. His other works include Day of Deception, Final Dawn Over Jerusalem and Attack on America.
Denise M. Clark (1st November 2002)

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