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Heaven's Hell


Average Review Rating Average Rating 7/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Antitype Press

Published : 2009

Copyright : E.A.Gray 2009

ISBN-10 : PB 1-907130-00-4
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-907130-00-7

Publisher's Write-Up

What do you do when your ex is sabotaging your working life, your current girlfriend isn't quite what your loyal subjects were expecting, and you discover there's a coup d'etat planned right under your nose? Did I mention your ex is Lucifer, your current is only newly dead, and the coup d'etat is from the Amazons? Your allies are really your enemies, your mother expects absolute perfection, and there's a darkness waiting to explode into brilliance. Being God isn't working out like you thought it would. Welcome to the Heavens.

Heaven's Hell explores the intertwining nature of salvation and damnation, where good people do bad deeds for the right reasons and bad people do good deeds for the wrong ones.

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Reader Reviews

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Review by C. Redfield (181009) Rating (7/10)

Review by C. Redfield
Rating 7/10
What if Heaven and Hell were managed by women? What if the mundane drudgery of office life that we try so hard to escape on Earth was mirrored there, too, with dysfunctional IT equipment, projects being held up by red tape, and vile office politics throwing the proverbial in the works? And what if the whole parcel were wrapped up in layers of deceit, betrayal, humour, romance and tragedy? In Heaven's Hell all of those things come to pass in a roller coaster ride of pretty epic proportions.

My overall feeling of Heaven's Hell is - do you remember playing pass the parcel when you were a kid? Do you remember peeling the layers away to reveal little surprises and then finally getting to the end and being the one who got the big reward? That's what reading Heaven's Hell is like. You have romance, humour, deceit, betrayal - and that's all before you get a quarter of the way through.

Cupid plays narrator with vital information about Heaven and Hell's structure that answers any questions you could have. The chapters are in the POVs of the main characters, and if you do not turn on your brain and concentrate you can get lost sometimes. What this style does is build up a patchwork of the story so when you reach the final chapters you have a full 360 degree world, with characters you're emotionally invested in, and rooting for.

E.A.Gray's turn of phrase is witty, sharp and quirky. She uses subtle word play, anonyms and synonyms that you only pick up on in a second reading. Her characters are well rounded and believable, and her general style breaks out of the shoe-box that most other books sit in, which is a brave thing to do because it can be hit or miss. Here it is a hit. Saying that, Heaven's Hell is a Greek tragedy for 2009.
C. Redfield (18th October 2009)

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