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The Raven Queen

Pauline Francis

Average Review Rating Average Rating 7/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Usborne Publishing Ltd

Published : 2007

Copyright : Pauline Francis 2007

ISBN-10 : PB 0-7460-7880-3
ISBN-13 : PB 978-0-7460-7880-8

Publisher's Write-Up

This is a powerful historical novel that brings to life an unforgettable story of love, hope and royal duty, from a hugely talented new author. The life of Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen, is all too often remembered as just a line in a history book, but this stunning debut novel reveals the full fascinating and tragic story - a tale of treachery, power struggles, and religious turmoil in the Tudor court. Intricately woven and passionately written, The Raven Queen is also a sensitive story of love against all odds that will enchant readers.

"I have lived the life of a princess since the day I was born. But it did not bring me what I wanted. I am still trapped."

"My beloved Ned speaks of love, freedom, a future. To walk with him in the forest, our raven soaring above us, is my only joy. But my father plans that I shall be betrothed to the King and I am afraid. Queens of England have a habit of dying. I have no desire to take the throne, no wish to find myself in the Tower of London."

"Wife, Queen - I fear it will bring me to my knees."

Key Stage: KS3/4 E; Age 11+

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Review by Jessica (310110) Rating (7/10)

Review by Jessica
Rating 7/10
Having always been interested in Lady Jane Grey, perhaps better known in history as the Nine Day Queen, Pauline Francis decided to write a book about this young lady to try and get to know her better. Here she has produced The Raven Queen, a romantic historical story about the early years of Lady Jane, her life and also her sweetheart Ned.

Feeling trapped by her family and the upper-class society in which she’s born into, Jane lusts after freedom. Ned provides this escape for the young princess but causes many conflicts and disagreements throughout the families. Is there any way Jane can rid herself of her duties as a princess?
This is a book that captures the essence of that period offering a poetic atmosphere with believable characters. We see how love develops between Jane and Ned and are captivated by the tale with its poignant, dramatic ending.

This tale is quite good if you are interested in historical tales. I found that it doesn’t matter how old you are to read this tale both old and young will enjoy it. However, I do feel perhaps it is more the older generation that will fully appreciate this love story because older readers tend to remember earlier Queens and Princesses more then younger people perhaps? Quite a good read on the whole.
Jessica (31st January 2010)

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