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I Remember You

Harriet Evans

Average Review Rating Average Rating 7/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Harper

Published : 2010

Copyright : Harriet Evans 2009

ISBN-10 : PB 0-00-724385-5
ISBN-13 : PB 978-0-00-724385-3

Publisher's Write-Up

Rich, witty and moving, I Remember You is for anyone who likes to dream about a new life - and for anyone who still remembers their first love...

For Tess Tennant, spring brings the promise of a fresh start. She’s moving back to her picture-perfect home town to take up a teaching job. Langford is a place of pretty stone cottages, friendly locals in oak-beamed pubs and of course Adam, her best friend since childhood. But Adam is preoccupied with a new girlfriend, and the past - which Tess thought she'd put behind her - is looming large again.

So by the time she has to take her class on a trip to Rome, Tess is feeling reckless. She is swept off her feet by a mysterious stranger, and finds herself falling in love. But her magical Roman Holiday is about to turn into a nightmare...

Back in Langford Adam is gone and everything has changed. Tess has to decide, once and for all, where she belongs and with whom.

'The perfect girly read.'


'A moving and witty story of love, friendship and self discovery, this is a great read for those cosy nights in.'


'A cute story about a girl's search for happiness... Very touching, warm and sweet. '

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Review by Katie.B (310710) Rating (7/10)

Review by Katie.B
Rating 7/10
Romantic comedy isn't usually 'my thing' but whether it is the depressing economic climate, my inexistent love life or the fact that life just seems rather dull at present, I decided to read Harriet Evans' I Remember You and I'm glad I did. It was exactly what I needed - an enjoyable, amusing and light-hearted read.

Tess Tennant, a young Classical Civilizations teacher flees to her quaint hometown of Langford carrying a broken heart, after a disastrous relationship in London. She must try to discover where she belongs and with whom. It is there that she is reunited with her best friend, Adam, but are they more than just friends? And will there friendship ever be the same after years apart and so many painful secrets? Both of them are on a journey of self-discovery and finding love but where will their journeys end? Together or apart?

Evans creates an exciting and unpredictable read by throwing in a number of twists, which even the most experienced of readers would find hard to foresee. Her characters are amusing, easy to love and true to life. She writes with wonderful humour and charm that will make even the most disheartened of souls smile. Her depiction of English country life is quaint and heart-warming and I found myself quite content to simply get swept along on the flow of everyday town life.

This is certainly not for those who want an action-packed read but if you are in need of a little cheering up and a dose of romance, then I urge you to read this book. It will leave you smiling and restore your faith in happy endings, of that I promise you.
Katie.B (31st Jily 2010)

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