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Shadow on the Sun

R. Julian Cox

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Northern Lights Publishing Ltd

Published : 2012

Copyright : R. Julian Cox 2012

ISBN-10 : PB 0-9573226-0-7
ISBN-13 : PB 978-0-9573226-0-8

Publisher's Write-Up

This is a science ‘faction’ novel written in the tradition of, for example, Michael 'Jurassic Park' Crichton where science fact has been combined with believable fiction.

In this eco mystery suspense novel a nuclear scientist has inadvertently become responsible for one of the biggest breakthroughs in defence technology since the atomic bomb ended the Second World War. The scientist’s original aim was to provide limitless, clean energy but a Government has been quick to realize its other application. Forced to sublimate his original ideals in exchange for cash and for the sake of his stricken young son he reluctantly complies. But as the project nears completion new calculations show it can have unexpected effects far beyond those he ever intended. He tries to speak out but no one is listening. A side effect is to bring his science into conflict with his strong, religious faith. Should he resign the project or should he remain and try and influence its outcome? But his qualms appear to have come too late. The project is too far advanced. A top secret US military aircraft disappears and with it is lost a secret plan to save 12 million American lives from an impending ecological disaster of biblical proportions. With it too an ancient Past has inexplicably become connected with the Present. Along with his wife and child the scientist becomes entrapped in that Past. With it a time bomb has been set ticking. Lives are at stake. Time is short. And only the Past seems capable of saving the Present.

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Review by Paul Lappen (301114) Rating (9/10)

Review by Paul Lappen
Rating 9/10
This present-day techno-thriller is about the intersection of government, big business and a possible nuclear apocalypse.

A well-known dissident Iranian scientist tells the US President, Juan Sanchez, that a major earthquake is coming for the Pacific Northwest. The 'Big One' won't happen sometime in the future, but in the next couple of months. The fault line just happens to go through the Hanford nuclear complex, home to thousands of tons of nuclear waste. If that waste got loose, the Pacific Northwest would become a permanent nuclear wasteland. The Iranian scientist has all his data on a couple of portable hard drives, but he needs American supercomputer power, like at Los Alamos Laboratory, to help America with Plan A (Plan B is to permanently evacuate everyone in Oregon and Washington State).

Meantime, the British are about to test a very classified, over the horizon, laser-based missile defence system (not even America knows about it). The bean will be on for only a fraction of a second, but the power is so high that no one knows just what will happen. Will they punch a hole in the space-time continuum? A high US official is heading to London for an extremely important meeting. He is traveling in a classified, and very fast, space plane called Aurora. Suddenly it disappears from radar. Why would the wreckage be found, buried in the English countryside, along with swords and other metal objects dating from the time of King Arthur, about 1500 years ago? Naturally, the two hard drives were on board. Can they be found in time? Do they still work?

This one is really worth reading. It has everything a person may want; it has high-tech, it has impending disaster, it has medieval history, and a bit of romance. It also has some very good writing. The reader will not go wrong with this story.
Paul Lappen (30th November 2014)

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