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City of Bones

Michael Connelly

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Orion

Published : 2002

Copyright : Hieronymus, Inc 2002

ISBN-10 : HB 0-7528-2140-7
ISBN-13 : HB 978-0-7528-2140-5

Publisher's Write-Up

Detective Harry Bosch tears open a 20-year-old murder case - with an explosive ending that will leave all Bosch fans hungrily awaiting the next instalment.

When the bones of a twelve-year-old boy are found scattered in the Hollywood Hills, Harry Bosch is drawn into a case that brings up the darkest memories from his own haunted past. The bones have been buried for years, but the cold case doesn't deter Bosch. Unearthing hidden stories, he finds the child's identity and reconstructs his fractured life, determined that he not be forgotten.

At the same time, a new love affair with a female cop begins to blossom for Bosch -until a stunningly blown mission leaves him in more trouble than ever before in his turbulent career. The investigation races to a shocking conclusion and leaves Bosch on the brink of an unimaginable decision.

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Review by Chrissi (010702) Rating (8/10)

Review by Chrissi
Rating 8/10
This is the latest Harry Bosch novel, and it leaves me in rather perturbed state. Harry finds himself called to a gravesite where a dog has returned to his owner with a human bone. The dog's owner is a retired doctor and has recognised the bone as being of human origin. Unfortunately it has been buried for quite a few years and Harry has to search for the rest of the skeleton.

Harry is investigating this rather sad and gruesome find when he meets a rookie police person, Julia. She and Harry become friends when he asks to borrow her torch.

The initial course of the investigation to find who killed the young boy considers a paedophile, living in the street, near to where the body was found. Harry is not convinced, but when a leak about this course of the investigation leads to a newspaper report and the subsequent suicide of the man, Harry is disturbed and thinks that his new friend may be responsible.

This is not really a very light book, Harry is struggling with something and when Julia dies in a gunfire fight with a suspect, Harry knows that all is not immediately as it seems. It really seems to knock him for six, and it leaves us not knowing what he will do next.

This is one of those stories about a crime of a lesser magnitude than many of those that Harry has investigated before. It is not a serial killer, or a very gruesome death, but a young abused boy whose skeleton has lain undiscovered for years, and Harry finds himself deeply disturbed by it all.

I think that maybe because it is such a poignant story about the little boy it makes you think; it is good that even in death someone like Harry cares enough to want to solve the mystery and allow him to lie in peace.
Chrissi (1st July 2002)

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