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Cold Light of Day

Paul Cave

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 ( Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Apex Publishing Ltd

Published : 2006

Copyright : Paul Cave 2006

ISBN-10 : PB 1-904444-82-2
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-904444-82-4

Publisher's Write-Up

Student Josh Sawyer's passionate encounter with Anna, a beautiful and mysterious young woman, was one that would change his life for ever and thrust him into a horror nightmare of violence and bloodlust and force him to come to terms with Anna's deep, dark and terrifying secrets.

Suspected of gruesome multiple murders, the couple are forced to flee from Chicago, with the police and FBI hot on their trail. But a more deadly and evil threat is tracking them - Jonus - Anna's old adversary from years gone by. She has something he wants, at any cost - her soul; the price, a trail of bloody carnage.

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Review by Jessica (240208) Rating (9/10)

Review by Jessica
Rating 9/10
Josh Sawyer, a student, is also a runner competing to win in the Chinese Olympics. He takes his running abilities very seriously and today he must make sure he wins the race. However, what he doesn’t know is that a beautiful young woman, Anna Privalova, is to step into his world. She is mysterious and too attractive to let go. She seems to be just the right girl with sensuous deep red lips Josh has only seen on woman in glossy magazines.

Soon they are consumed by an intense and powerful passion. Josh is in ecstasy, he feels so attracted to his young female, not just in a physical sense but also on an instinctive almost animalistic level.

Yet is she really this perfect? Soon Josh finds out what secrets she is really harbouring as they both become suspects in a series of bloody and grizzly murders and have no option but to flee to Chicago. Not only this but Jonus, an enemy from Anna’s past, wants Anna for her heart to help give him the power he desperately needs and an ability that could possibly destroy Humankind. Will Josh and Anna manage to escape this cruel fate? If Anna dies it could be the end of everything.

Paul Cave is definitely made of the right stuff with his amazing abilities to create creepy worlds that are so believable with characters so realistic but also some so scary.

I loved this book with its rollercoaster ride of sick, gory nightmares that will guarantee to leave you unnerved and fulfil your thirst for blood. This second book by Paul Cave is filled with everything a horror fan should need. From bloody events to dark, terrifying secrets that will have you up all night with the lights on. Absolutely disturbing yet brilliant stuff.
Jessica (24th February 2008)

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