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Holiday Hearts

Linda Bleser, Leta Nolan Childers, Elizabeth Delisi & Kathleen Culligan Techler

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : DiskUs Publishing

Published : 2002

Copyright : Linda Bleser, Leta Nolan Childers, Elizabeth Delisi & Kathleen Culligan Techler 2002

ISBN-10 : EB 1-58495-281-4
ISBN-13 : Not Known

Publisher's Write-Up

Four heart-warming stories of Christmas love from four of the pre-eminent authors of e-books: Linda Bleser, Leta Nolan Childers, Elizabeth Delisi and Kathleen Culligan Techler.

Linda Bleser's Home for Christmas

Holly Bright hates Christmas. She tells herself that she can't miss what she's never experienced - a white Christmas, festive holiday traditions, and a loving family gathered together in celebration. For the sake of her employer at Copperfield Square, Holly reluctantly agrees to take part in the week-long holiday celebration. Little does she know that her "Secret Santa" will trigger wistful yearnings, and show her that everything she's dreamed of is right within her reach. All she has to do is open her heart to the magic of Christmas.

Leta Nolan Childers' Mistletoe in the Mountains

When two old coots decide to surprise their partner with a most unusual Christmas present, they have no idea that their present will change all of their lives.

Amelia was in Deadwood to save her sister. She wasn't looking for a husband nor was she expecting to be abducted by mistake by two interfering old men. She's a woman on a mission and nothing will deter her from it.

Patrick loved Christmas presents, but he wasn't prepared for the one offered him by Harry and Amos. Now, his only thought is to return it to Deadwood just as fast as he can.

But, it's a long and cold winter in the Black Hills of Dakota Territory, and only a fool would turn away good food, good company and the chance for love.

Elizabeth Delisi's A Carol of Love

Mara Parker's heart is bleak as Christmas approaches. Her husband, Stephen, was killed in an automobile accident and now will never see his unborn child, due any day. Mara has retreated into her shell in the cabin in the mountains she and Stephen shared, living only for her child.

Then Doug Swanson, a camper in need of a roof over his head during a snowstorm, shows up at her door. He brings joy into her life, makes her smile, and gives her a feeling of security. As the days go by, Mara finds herself daring to fall in love again. But is Doug who he seems–or is he after something more than shelter from the storm?

Kathleen Culligan Techler's A Christmas for Carol

Fatigued by her teaching job, disillusioned by her boyfriend, and tired of ice and snow, Carol looks forward to spending a balmy Christmas vacation alone at her Aunt Minnie's Florida condo, relaxing by the pool, until she discovers Aunt Minnie has left her some work to do. She gradually relearns the real meaning of Christmas, but when she finds herself falling in love with Joe, a terrible mistake involving his cherished, fragile grandmother seems to dash all of Carol's hopes.

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Reader Reviews

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Review by Molly Martin (310704) Rating (9/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Rating 9/10
Linda Bleser’s Home For Christmas, the lead off in this group of four Holiday tales introduces the reader to Holly Bright. Holly is a cynical young businesswoman who has never known the happiness of the Christmas season. When she agrees to go along with the local ‘Secret Santa’ promotion at the behest of her employer at Copperfield Square it is with mixed feelings. Before long Holly finds herself looking forward to the daily visits of Santa. Holly’s Secret Santa plays a pivotal role in helping Holly realize she has only to open herself to the enjoyment of the happiness of Christmas.

Leta Nolan Childers’ Mistletoe in the Mountains brings a chuckle to the reader as the tale of two old coots and their determination to provide their young partner with the perfect Christmas gift unfolds. Set in the Black Hills of Dakota Territory the tale is filled with humor and more than a little fun. Patrick is not sure just what he should do with his present. He doesn’t want to hurt Harry and Amos, on the other hand it is the beginning of a bitter long cold winter and the gift is not one he would have chosen for himself.

Elizabeth Delisi’s A Carol of Love takes another approach as Mara Parker faces Christmas alone with her unborn child. Following the death of her husband Stephen, Mara’s father-in-law bitterly blames her for Stephen’s death, orders her from the family home Mr Parker had given to Stephen as a wedding gift and sends over the check he says has come from Stephen’s life insurance. Mara grieves alone in the small Colorado cabin she and Stephen had purchased unbeknownst to his father.

Mara is awakened late one cold stormy night when a stranger needing help appears at her door. Doug Swanson may or may not be all he seems to be.

Kathleen Culligan Techler’s A Christmas for Carol rounds out the work. School teacher Carol agrees to housesit Aunt Minnie’s Florida condo over the holidays. Charlie the bird must be fed while Minnie is off on a cruise, Carol’s divorced parents and married siblings are all busy with their own lives.

When Carol meets Joe at a Christmas Tree lot near the condo she is drawn to him, he is busy helping care for the grandmother who raised him but fits in a trip around the bay in his boat for Carol. When Grandma becomes ill following Carol’s leaving a Meals on Wheels tray by her door Carol is sure Grandma is suffering from food poisoning.

I enjoyed each of the four short tales presented in the work. Each well known, talented writer brings her own special style and writing prowess to her particular offering.

The widely scattered locales from modern day mall to the late 1800s Dakotas, snowy Colorado to the sun and sand of Florida together with diverse, distinct plots offered insure that the individual tales will stand alone without overlapping into the next. Characters presented in each narrative are nicely developed, conversations are interesting and believable. Romance is subtle, and writer Delisi even thrown in a bit of the mystery writing for which she is famous.

This is a perfect book for the holidays when busy folks have little time to sit and read one long tale. The short story format is perfect for the busy holiday season reading when the reader has a lull in the day for taking a little ease.

Put your feet up, get a mug of hot spiced cider and enjoy. Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.
Molly Martin (31st July 2004)

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