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Modern Disciples
(Volume 1)

Ian Anderson

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Outskirts Press

Published : 2011

Copyright : Ian Anderson 2011

ISBN-10 : PB 1-4327-7270-8
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-4327-7270-3

Publisher's Write-Up

The children of the gods walk among us, and their cold war has just begun.

Enter a world where the Greek, Norse, Japanese, Hindu, and many other Pantheons of gods are all real. They would never openly admit it, but they have been having children with mortals despite their pact to withdraw themselves from our world. These children, known as Disciples, have never known their true heritage.

When the ancient enemies of the gods escape their prison, the gods call upon their disciples to investigate any activity that may have been orchestrated against the gods and humanity. These investigations very often lead to intrigue and always lead to danger. Fortunately being the child of a god comes with many perks, including supernatural abilities.

Unfortunately the gods have been known to bicker. Disagreements have turned to hatred, and rivalries have become deadly. When gods from different pantheons are thrown into the mix, matters only get worse. Disciples are not immune from this.

In Volume One, a group of six disciples are brought together to stop an indestructible beast that lives deep within the Florida everglades. They must not only deal with other monsters and an unknown force that is plotting their demise, but their own conflicting personalities. A love triangle will form, convictions will be put to the test, and the bitter truth that even gods and their children have rules, will all create drama and conflict.

Never before have all these mythologies been combined in one story. Modern Disciples is an epic tale of six people who are given great privilege and with it a great burden. This dark and gritty, yet often humorous depiction of a world where order struggles against chaos, is sure to tempt you to skip ahead to see how the characters use their wits to escape unimaginable situations. As you see the story unfold from the perspective of one of the characters, you will be drawn in and feel like you are standing next to the characters as they struggle with their responsibilities. You will feel their pain, frustration, joy, and triumph.

The epic tale begins.

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Reader Reviews

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Review by Paul Lappen (280215) Rating (9/10)

Review by Paul Lappen
Rating 9/10
In a world where the gods of antiquity take human form and have been mating with present-day humans, one man begins to learn his destiny.

Ryan Hunter has been on his own for most of his life. One night, while accompanying a bounty hunter, Ryan sees some very strange things, and feels his godly ‘abilities’ awakened within him. He soon finds himself, along with five other Disciples, in a hotel conference room in Orlando, Florida. Each are sitting next to their godly parents. It is not just Greek gods who are alive and well, but gods from many other cultures, including Norse, Aztec and Japanese.

The six are given a mission. They must travel into the Everglades, and kill a very special alligator. After several days trudging through the swamps, they find the alligator. Think of a giant, mutant alligator on steroids (that can climb trees). Later, the group finds a small town where they think can rest and recuperate for a few days. Strange things are going on in the town. All the women are dressed in very revealing outfits, and they all have blank looks on their faces. There are separate gatherings for men and women every night. Attendance, even by visitors, is expected. The group has to fight their way out of town.

Back at the same hotel conference room, the group learns of a fancy charity ball happening in the hotel. The organization's official address is an abandoned warehouse, and the people listed as the Board of Directors are all dead (no, they're not zombies). The group infiltrates the ball, and learns that, among other beings, vampires are involved. Do all members of the group survive their tasks? Do any of the group, three men and three women, hook-up with each other? Do they stay together, and become the newest group of superheroes?

This book is better than excellent. The author does it the right way from start to finish. It has action, it has weirdness, and it has lots of good writing. I am very interested in reading future books in this series.
Paul Lappen (28th February 2015)

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