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Bravenet - Pop Ups

Bravenet have introduced to more and more of their free services unsolicited pop-ups. At BookLore this started with the quiz, which was removed. Now it has started occurring with the counter. BookLore has and will always be pop-up free.

Bravenet obtained its credibility by sites using its free services and in return providing free advertising. Now it is established it feels big enough to do what it wants.

Ok, the small print says they can do as they see fit if you use their services, which is fair enough. The annoying thing is that the pop-ups have only started to appear recently and ‘without’ warning.

When we consulted Bravenet they simply (and rather abruptly) said 'you have two choices...'

We have therefore taken their advice and stopped using their services. We would suggest others do the same.

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