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Margaret Yorke

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Books by Margaret Yorke Links
Cause for Concern (2001)
A Case to Answer (2000)
The Price of Guilt (1999)
False Pretenses (1998)
Act of Violence (1997)
A Question of Belief (1996)
Serious Intent (1995)
Almost the Truth (1994)
Dangerous to Know (1993)
Criminal Damage (1992)
A Small Deceit (1991)
Admit to Murder (1990)
Crime in Question (1989)
Deceiving Mirror (1988)
Speak for the Dead (1988)
No Fury (1987)
Evidence to Destroy (1987)
Apricot Bed (1986)
Safely to the Grave (1986)
Intimate Kill (1985)
The Smooth Face of Evil (1984)
Find Me a Villain (1983)
Devil's Work (1982)
The Hand of Death (1981)
The Scent of Fear (1980)
Death on Account (1979)
The Point of Murder (1978)
The Cost of Silence (1977)
Cast for Death (1976)
The Small Hours of the Morning (1975)
No Medals for the Major (1974)
Mortal Remains (1974)
Grave Matters (1973)
Silent Witness (1972)
Dead in the Morning (1970)
The Limbo Ladies (1969)
Full Circle (1965)
The Birthday (1963)
Once a Stranger (1962)
The China Doll (1961)
Christopher (1959)
Pray, Love, Remember (1958)
Summer Flight (1957)
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