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Larry Niven

Laurence van Cott Niven was born in California in 1938. He gained a BA in Mathematics from Washington University, Kansas. From his first publication, The Coldest Place in 1964, he set his mark on the US science fiction field, winning four Hugos, and both Hugo and Nebula in 1971 for the novel Ringworld, a title in his Tales of Known Space sequence, which he began with The Coldest Place and has added to ever since.He now lives in Tarzana, California.

Books by Larry Niven Links
The Moon Maze Game (2011)
Betrayer of Worlds (2010)
Escape from Hell (2009)
Destroyer of Worlds (2009)
Juggler of Worlds (2008)
Destiny's Forge: A Man-Kzin Wars Novel (2007)
Fleet of Worlds (2007)
Destiny's Forge (2007)
Building Harlequin's Moon (2005)
The Burning Tower (2005)
Ringworld's Children (2004)
The Houses of the Kzinti (2002)
Fallen Angels (2002)
Saturn's Race (2001)
The Burning City (2000)
Rainbow Mars (1999)
Destiny's Road (1997)
A Darker Geometry (1996)
The Ringworld Throne (1996)
The Dragon's of Heorot (1995)
Beowulf's Children (1995)
The Moat Around Murcheson's Eye (1993)
The Voodoo Game (1992)
Inconstant Star (1991)
The Children's Hour: A Novel of the Man-Kzin Wars (1991)
Dream Park (1991)
Achilles Choice (1991)
Fallen Angels (1991)
Cathouse: A Novel of the Man Kzin-Wars (1990)
Three Books of Known Space (1989)
The Best of the Nebulas (1989)
The Barsoom Project (1989)
The Legacy of Herorot (1987)
The Smoke Ring (1987)
Footfall (1985)
The Time of the Warlock (1984)
More Magic (1984)
The Integral Trees (1984)
The Descent of Anansi (1982)
Oath of Fealty (1982)
The Magic May Return (1981)
Dream Park (1981)
The Patchwork Girl (1980)
The Ringworld Engineers (1980)
The Magic Goes Away (1978)
Lucifer's Hammer (1977)
A World out of Time (1976)
Inferno (1976)
The Mote in God's Eye (1974)
Protector (1973)
What Good is a Glass Dagger? (1972)
The Flying Sorcerers (1971)
Ringworld (1970)
Not Long Before The End (1969)
A Gift From Earth (1968)
Neutron Star - Flatlander (1968)
The World of Ptavvs (1966)
The Protector (1967, 1973)

The Man-Kzin Wars XII (2009)
The Man-Kzin Wars XI (2005)
The Man-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War (2003)
The Man Kzin Wars IX (2002)
The Best of All Possible Wars (1998)
Choosing Names: The Man Kzin Wars VIII (1998)
The Man Kzin Wars VII (1995)
The Man Kzin Wars VI (1994)
The Man Kzin Wars V (1992)
The Man Kzin Wars IV (1991)
The Man Kzin Wars III (1990)
The Man Kzin Wars II (1989)
The Man Kzin Wars (1988)

Short Story Collections:
The Best of Larry Niven (2010)
Stars and Gods (2010)
The Draco Tavern (2006)
Larry Niven Short Stories Volume 3 (2003)
Larry Niven Short Stories Volume 2 (2003)
Larry Niven Short Stories Volume 1 (2003)
Scatterbrain (2003)
Crashlander: The Collected Tales of Beowulf Shaeffer (1994)
Bridging the Galaxies (1993)
Playgrounds of the Mind (1991)
N-Space (1990)
Limits (1985)
Niven's Laws (1984)
Convergent Series (1979)
The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton (1976)
Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven (1975)
A Hole in Space (1974)
Inconstant Moon (1973)
The Flight of the Horse (1973)
All the Myriad Ways (1971)
The Shape of Space (1969)
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