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Anna Jacobs

Anna Jacobs grew up in Lancashire and emigrated to Australia in 1973, but loves to return to England regularly to visit her family and soak up the history. She has two grown-up daughters and now lives with her husband in a spacious waterfront home. Often as she writes, dolphins frolic outside the window of her study. Inside, the house is crammed with thousands of books.

Anna Jacobs is the author of the Gibson family series- Salem Street, High Street, Ridge Hill, Hallam Street, Spinners Lane and of Our Jessie, Our Lizzie, Our Polly and Lancashire Lass. All are available in Coronet paperbacks.

Books by Anna Jacobs Links
A Place of Hope (2013)
The Trader's Dream (2012)
Yew Tree Gardens (2012)
The Trader's Sister (2012)
Winds of Change (2012)
Short and Sweet (2011)
The Trader's Wife (2011)
Elm Tree Road (2001)
Moving On (2011)
Destiny's Path (2011)
Licence to Dream (2010)
Cherry Tree Lane (2010)
Beyond the Sunset (2010)
In Focus (2009)
Saving Willowbrook (2009)
Farewell to Lancashire (2009)
Chestnut Lane (2008)
Freedom's Land (2008)
Yesterday's Girl (2008)
Family Connections (2007)
Kirsty's Vineyard (2007)
Tomorrow's Promises (2007)
The Group Settler's Wife (2006)
Heart of the Town (2006)
Bright Day Dawning (2006)
The Corrigan Legacy (2006)
Star of the North (2006)
An Independent Woman (2005)
Pride of Lancashire (2005)
Calico Road (2005)
Threepenny Dreams (2004)
The Wishing Well (2004)
Marrying Miss Martha (2004)
Twopenny Rainbows (2004)
Our Mary Ann (2003)
Change of Season (2003)
A Pennyworth of Sunshine (2003)
Mistress of Marymoor (2002)
Our Eva (2002)
Down Weavers Lane (2002)
Replenish the Earth (2001)
Lancashire Legacy (2001)
A Forbidden Embrace (2001)
Seasons of Love (2000)
Our Polly (2000)
Lancashire Lass (2000)
Like No Other (1999)
Our Lizzie (1998)
Jessie (1997)
Spinners Lake (1996)
Hallam Square (1995)
Ridge Hill (1995)
High Street (1994)
Salem Street (1994)

Novels as Shannah Jay:
Sword of Azaray (2010)
Tenebrak the Founding (2010)
The Price of Wisdom (1995)
Shadow of the Serpent (1995)
Lands of Nowhere (1995)
Envoy (1994)
Quest (1993)

Novels as Sherry-Anne Jacobs:
Plotting and Editing (1998)
Introduction to Romance Writing (1997)
A Proper Match (1992)
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