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Joanne Harris

Joanne Harris was born in Barnsley, Yorkshire in 1964, to a French mother and an English father. She was educated at Wakefield Girls' High and Barnsley Sixth Form College before studying Modern and Mediaeval Languages at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. Her first three novels, The Evil Seed (1989), Sleep, Pale Sister (1993) and Chocolat (1999) were published while she was working as a teacher.

Chocolat was subsequently made into a very successful Oscar nominated film starring Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp and Judy Dench.

Her hobbies are listed in Who’s Who as: “mooching, lounging, strutting, strumming, priest-baiting and quiet subversion of the system”, although she also enjoys obfuscation, sleaze, rebellion, witchcraft, armed robbery, tea and biscuits. She is not above bribery and would not necessarily refuse an offer involving exotic travel, champagne or yellow diamonds from Graff. She plays bass guitar in a band first formed when she was 16, is currently studying Old Norse and lives with her husband Kevin and her daughter Anouchka, about 15 miles from the place she was born.

Most recently she has published The Lollipop Shoes, the sequel to Chocolat, as well as her first Children's novel Runemarks.

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Books by Joanne Harris Links
The Gospel of Loki (2014)
Peaches for Monsieur le Curé (2012)
Runelight (2011)
Blueeyedboy (2010)
Runemarks (2007)
The Lollipop Shoes (2007)
Gentlemen and Players (2005)
Holy Fools (2003)
Coastliners (2002)
Five Quarters of the Orange(2001)
Blackberry Wine (2000)
Chocolat (1999)
Sleep, Pale Sister (1993)
The Evil Seed (1989)

Short Story Collections:
A Cat, a Hat, and a Piece of String (2012)
Jigs & Reels (2004)

The French Market (2005)
The French Kitchen (2002).
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