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Colin Bateman

Colin Bateman was born in Newtownards, Co.Down, Northern Ireland in June 1962. Moving to Bangor he attended attended Ballyholme Primary School and then Bangor Grammar School..

For many years he was the deputy editor of the County Down Spectator. He received a Northern Ireland press award for his weekly satirical column, and a Journalist's Fellowship to Oxford University. His first novel, Divorcing Jack, won the Betty Trask Prize in 1994.

Books by Colin Bateman Links
Nine Inches (2011)
Dr. Yes (2010)
The Day of the Jack Russell (2009)
Mystery Man (2009)
Orpheus Rising (2008)
I Predict a Riot (2007)
Belfast Confidential (2005)
Murphy's Revenge (2005)
Driving Big Davie (2004)
Chapter and Verse (2003)
Horse with my Name (2003)
Murphy's Law (2002)
Wild About Harry (2001)
Mohammed Maguire (2001)
Shooting Sean (2001)
Turbulent Priests (1999)
Maid of the Mist (1999)
Empire State (1997)
Of Wee Sweetie Mice and Men (1996)
Cycle of Violence (1995)
Divorcing Jack (1995)

Children's Titles:
Tusk (SOS Adventure) (2011)
Fire Storm (SOS Adventure) (2010)
Ice Quake (SOS Adventure) (2010)
Titanic 2020: Cannibal City (2008)
Titanic 2020 (2007)
The Seagulls have Landed (2005)
Bring me the head of Oliver Plunkett (2004)
Reservoir Pups (2003)
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