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Iain Banks

lain Banks sprang to widespread and controversial public notice with the publication of his first novel, The Wasp Factory, 1984. Since then he gained enormous and popular critical acclaim with further works of both fiction and science fiction, all of which are available in either Abacus or Orbit paperbacks.

Iain Menzies Banks was born on February 16th, 1954 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Educated in North Queensferry and Gourock Primary Schools, Gourock and Greenock High Schools, and Stirling University (1972-1975); ordinary degree in English along with Philosophy and Psychology. During vacations he worked in Greenock area as hospital porter, estate worker, pier porter, road worker, dustman, and gardener.

He hitch-hiked through Europe, Scandinavia and Morocco in 1975. Worked for a year as a testing technician for British Steel, spending some time at the Nigg Bay construction site. Visited USA in 1978; drove from Washington DC to Los Angeles and only went above 55mph once. Returned to Scotland; spent six months working for IBM in Greenock; only really showed any dedication or zeal when trying to make sure that vital computer components urgently required in Cape Town or Johannesburg went via interesting places like Reykjavik, Anchorage, Ulan Bator.

He moved to London in 1979 and found work with a large firm of lawyers, as a costing clerk. Moved to Faversham, Kent, in 1984 (when The Wasp Factory was published, on the day of his 30th birthday). Writing became a full time job. Moved to Edinburgh in January 1988. In December 1991, he returned to the village of North Queensferry.

lain Banks died on the 9th June 2013 after a short illness.

He produced fiction under the name Iain Banks, and science fiction under the name Iain M. Banks.

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In 1993 he was acknowledged as one of the Best of Young Scottish Writers. In 1986 his number one bestseller, The Crow Road, was adapted for television. The Times acclaimed lain Banks 'the most imaginative British novelist of his generation'.

Books by Iain Banks Links
The Quarry (2013)
Stonemouth (2012)
Transition (2009)
The Steep Approach to Garbadale (2007)
Dead Air (2002)
The Business (1999)
A Song of Stone (1997)
Whit (1995)
Complicity (1993)
The Bridge (1990)
Canal Dreams (1989)
Espedair Street (1987)
The Crow Road (1986)
Walking on Glass (1985)
The Wasp Factory (1984)

Raw Spirit (2003)

Novels as Iain M. Banks:
The Hydrogen Sonata (2012)
Surface Detail (2010)
Matter (2008)
The Algebraist (2004)
Look to Windwards (2000)
Inversions (1998)
Excession (1996)
Feersum Endjinn (1995)
Against a Dark Background (1993)
Use of Weapons (1992)
The Player of Games (1988)
Consider Phlebas (1988)

Short Story Collection as Iain M. Banks:
The State of the Art (1993)
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